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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Full


DCHS Trip report Tue. 3/8

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March 09, 2005 06:48AM
Thanks Wizard for your pictures and trip report from your Monday 3/7 visit to the springs. I did not get a chance to view the pictures before I went on Tuesday. Like your trip the weather was awsome, it was too warm for clothes on the hike to and from the Bowen Ranch. When I got to the parking lot at around 1:30pm there were 3 other vehicles already there. I got out of my work clothes and put on my trail shoes and backpack and headed off to the springs. About halfway down I caught up with another lone hiker heading down. When I got closer I noticed it was a female hiker and I did not want to offend her by my hiking au natural. I hung back for a little while then I noticed that she was hiking topless. She ending up stopping for a rest so I caught up to her made some small talk then I continued on ahead of her. When I got to the springs there was a group of about 8 college age guys and girls, all wearing bathing suits. The silver tube was still there but it was on the other side of the creek. The hiker I passed arrived and shed the rest of her clothes and swam over to the springs (brave soul), I waited for the tube to make it back to my side then used it to cross the creek. I was able to stay and soak for about 2 hours then I had to head back. During those 2 hours I had some nice conversations with the hiker I had passed and a few of the others. I was also able to explore the new beach and surrounding area. For my trip back I decided to hike out au natural again and this time I carried my shoes and hiked out barefoot. It was still pretty warm and I worked up a sweat in no time. I did not see anyone on my hike back and when I got to the parking lot there was only one other car there besides mine.
This was a great trip and I can't wait to get back to the springs! Thanks to the volunteers that placed the sandbags around the pools to repair the flood damage, the bags really worked well to raise the water level in the pools.

DCHS Trip report Tue. 3/8

lbcalrr 1559March 09, 2005 06:48AM

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