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Accusations without having the actual facts?

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February 17, 2005 02:44PM

Talk about making accusations without having the facts?

"Since there has been some real vocalization from your friend Jennifer Foster about this fence being removed, does Katrina have any information that would be helpful in apprehending these thieves?" LaughingBear

I am disappointed in your behavior as a participant in the public process. One of the things about democracy and the public process is that all members of the public have the right to participate and express their opinions.

It sounds like Jennifer's opinion was not in agreement with your opinion. That is how the public process works along with the Congressional mandate and the related Federal Laws. So, Jennifer legally petitioned her public employee with regard to the legality of MojaveGreen's "gap fence" which was purportedly put up to protect the area from cattle that were not there at the time.

This fence was paid for with "range" funding so where does this other purpose come into effect? It was not legally put there to protect from OHV use.

This is a fence that belongs to the United States Government. Therefore, whether it remains there or not is subject to the Federal Laws, not to Mojavegreen's agenda or public opinion.

Now, if that does not agree with your opinion and you want the law changed, then that is the legal approach. I support the public in their participation in the public process no matter what their opinion is. I have come to develop a strong appreciation for this public process.

However, you on the other hand heard a citizen legally petition their government and because you did not appreciate her opinion and your fence was stolen, you post their full name on the internet suggesting that they may have been involved in a criminal act.

I think you were out of line on this one. Not nice.

By the way, Jennifer has not acquired any new used fencing.


Accusations without having the actual facts?

katrina island 1419February 17, 2005 02:44PM

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