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May 26, 2004 02:54PM
Glad to be back in the dchs area.
We arrived at the parking lot of the trail of least resistance at about 3:00pm. Gary Roe accompanied me and another friend. Driving on the JF3-JF4 route, I noticed the traffic on this road has greatly increased. When we arrived, there were 5 cars already parked here. One was a new friend, Brian's Jeep.
Brian and I hike and camped at Gold stike and Arizona hot springs the previous weekend.
This trip was unusual, because, for the 1st time ever I had not visited the springs for 5+ months. So, I found myself noticing the changes that have occured.
I noticed that the trail of least resistance has become much more used. The areas at the zig zags are much larger. I also noticed there was no litter or graffiti. Good work to every one involved.
Once at the spring I conversed with Brian and others a while and then got my magic hose. As I approached I noticed a snake. He was about 3 feet long, dark brown and ivory colored, with @6 rattles. He was to busy getting out of the way to strike at me. Good snake :~)
I have used this hose for years to keep the pools clean. As I cleaned the main pool I noticed another volunteer has been cleaning this pool in my absence. Thank you, to whom ever.
The weather this Saturday was colder than I expected.
We slept in the parking lot witch is 1.2 miles from deep creek. Just barely legal. I sept in the bed of my truck to block some of the cold wind.
In the morning the sun shining on my face awakened me. And a beautiful blone was riding around topless on a battery powered moped. It sure is nice having mother nature to wake up to.
Sunday about 10:00am at the springs again. I noticed the sand in the creek bed has moved a lot. Where the sand bar used to be is now a deep trench. And a large boulder is now at the west end of there. The recent rains have moved the sand in front of the other pools also.
When I got in the middle pool, the one between the Crab cooker and the main pool. I noticed it was halve full of mud. Or should I say, It was halve full of hot water?
Waving my magic hose on it made all the mud dissappear. Now all who soak here can feel it's magic. :~)
There were many beautiful people at the springs this weekend. And many good conversations.
I am glad too help!

Jobe's trip report 5-22&23

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jobe 562May 26, 2004 02:54PM

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