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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re-post: Petition/news coverage

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February 26, 2004 07:53AM
We can petition for the removal of Ranger Nelson without introducing his other questionable conduct.

Acting contrary to court order, he has failed to enforce the emergency route network. In fact, he has failed to even provide a map of the current route network. He had apparent complicity in the creation of new and illegal routes, responded to requests for enforcement with attempted intimidation, filed false reports stating that there is not a problem with OHV non-compliance on Juniper Flats.

Ranger Nelson has a reputation for retaliation against perceived "enemies". After threatening a property owner at a public meeting, that person's ranch was subjected to multiple incidents of vandalism and trespass. Again, no response to requests for enforcement. The attacks escalated to attempted assault. While walking on the property, one of three dirt bikers aimed his bike at a ranch resident on a county road through ranch property and drove him off the road.

There is no ranger presence on Juniper Flats/Arrastre Canyon. At minimum, a Sector Ranger should have been assigned. There are no weekend patrols, as open riding areas are favored for attention by Ranger Nelson because of ease of enforcement and meeting "quotas".

The current "ranger shortage" allows Ranger Nelson to pad his salary with overtime. A review of BLM records will reflect that Ranger Nelson has used his supervisory position to claim a grossly disproportionate share of overtime.

Instead of law enforcement in the Juniper Subregion, we have private citizens in law enforcement roles. They are given special privileges to include unrestricted riding and the carrying of firearms, creating a danger to local residents and recreational users. His privileged group has dominated the current WEMO process, which by law is required to involve the entire community.

The Barstow BLM Field Office is leaderless. In his current role as acting Field Manager, Ranger Nelson will continue to exclude the public from the WEMO process. The subject of many complaints because of un-professional conduct, he should never have been placed in this role.

We can start a petition. It can be hand-delivered to State Director Mike Pool w/ copies sent to other political offices and attendant news coverage

Juniper Flats/Arrastre Canyon and Deep Creek Hot Springs have too much value as a recreational resource to be allowed to disintegrate into lawlessness because of one individual.

Mojave Green

Re-post: Petition/news coverage

mojavegreen 1020February 26, 2004 07:53AM

Re: Re-post: Petition/news coverage

mojavegreen 989February 26, 2004 08:04AM

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