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Nudity: A Treatise

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November 04, 2002 11:39AM
In these quiet days, when the government has closed all the forests, I thought I would pass the time by explaining why I like to be naked outdoors, which is also known as naturism.

Let me start with why it is sad to be clothed. What, besides warmth, is the reason we wear clothes? It is out of shame, embarrassment, awkwardness and fear that most of us keep our clothes on. Clothing is the result of too many negative emotions.

Clothing is also a form of social control. Clothing speaks of status, vanity, and the imposition of the mass thinking. Likewise, it is a feeling of complete liberation to remove these clothes when in the outdoors. It is the last bit of control society has on me. Shedding the clothes is like saying, here I am - I am not ashamed, I have nothing to hide. I am just me as my creator made me.

Being naked outdoors also brings me in direct contact with nature the way nothing else can. There is a reason why it is called naturism or going au naturel. It is the way we are made. No boundaries between us and Earth. Being in a hot spring is even more intimate, as Earth surrounds our whole bodies through water. It is a truly primitive and deep connection that is only possible through nudity.

I also like the atmosphere that is created by a naked community. People seem more relaxed and there are less pretenses when people are naked together. It's also really healthy to be around people who feel no shame in their appearance. It's the kind of self-confidence and general feeling of ease with oneself that our society could use more of.

Another great advantage to naturism is the physical sensation. Nothing beats the feeling of the wind all over your body, or the sun baking parts of you that haven't seen the light of day in too long! Running around barefoot on the grass, sliding down the rocks on your butt, jumping into a cold stream - these are just some of the pleasure naked outdoor people get to experience in a heightened way.

Any chance I have in the great outdoors, I will strip to my natural state. I hope these paragraphs help explain why. It is difficult to put into words an experience that is so emotional and sensory, but I think it's always worth trying. Go naked, and enjoy.

Nudity: A Treatise

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