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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Miss Information

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September 20, 2002 08:31AM
I would like to clarify some misrepresentations Gail.You do not represent the local property owners up here.I was cited by code enforcement 3 years ago and resolved this issue by bringing my property into compliance with the law.I do not want you representing ME in any way.If you want to battle with the cops and the blm,do it at your house,not mine!
I also lost my mobile home in the Willow Fire.FEMA did offer us low intrest disaster loans at 3% intrest.I chose to decline their offer at the time.Yes,the fire was horrible and my daughter almost lost her life when her escape route was cutoff by a wall of flames.I really didnt care about the material stuff as long as my family was safe.
There is no conspiricy by the BLM to obtain the properties in the Village.They are intrested in lands deemed AEC (areas of environmental concern)in the area and have had discussions with the owner.This is normal and the BLM often purchases or trades parcels of land from willing sellers.If they contacted any of the absentee owners in the village they would find plenty of willing sellers,however,the BLM is not interested in subdivided,graded land.
Please remove all refrences to our subdivision from your website.We are here for peace and quiet.I do not want to be associated with YOUR web page.

Miss Information

Laughing Bear 1147September 20, 2002 08:31AM

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