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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (64% of Full)


Trip report 5-3-2024 first snake! YIKES!

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May 04, 2024 02:06PM
As I was heading to the springs I saw a 3 foot long rattle snake stretched out on the road. So, I backed up and took its picture. It was the first snake I have seen this year. I was about 1 1/2 mile before the Bowen ranch. So, beware !
I got to the springs a few minutes before 11 am. There was not a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze made for a comfy hike. When I got my thermometer out the air temp was 74 degrees. The creek water where most cross was 62 degrees. There was about 15 to 20 persons scattered around. Five were through hikers. Later in the day several more showed up. For those who do not know, the Pacific Crest trail goes through the valley. Through hikers hike through on the trail and most stop to rest, eat, relax and clean up. Good idea! As you can imagine after hiking 15 to 20 miles a day on average. They are tired, hungry and smell. I always enjoy meeting and talking with them. They are strong and muscular and beautiful people. Later I met a woman whom made me wish I had brought my back pack so I could got with her. She had Long beautiful gray hair and a nice spirit came from her. She made my day.
About 330 pm I got my thermometer out to take the pool temps.
The water about 15 feet up stream from the AZ. Pool was 55 degrees.
At the Arizona pool some one had put sand bags just below the source. The temp there was 110. The spring there come out at 108 so the sunshine was doing it's thing. On the upstream side of the pool we're several sand bags. I arranged them to block the water from there better. As I was doing this a guy came by with some more sand bags and shovel. We made about 10 more sand bags up and put them on the down stream side of the pool. Before we put the additional bags there the temp was 69 degrees. Afterwards, the temp was 75 degrees. Afterwards this pool was crowded with a large amount of soakers. As the day went forward a large amount of campers started to show up. Many were party animals drinking, smoking and getting loud. Basically enjoyingng life at my favorite hot spring.
At the Anniversary pool a friend had cleaned this pool very well. Except there was too much litter which I packed out. The temp there was 110. The sun did that.
The Womb pool was crowded also. But clean and a pleasant soak. The temp was 105. Hotter than usual.
The Serenity pool was nice at 108 degrees most of the water from the Crab Cooker pool was flowing into it. The Crab Cooker pool was 114 degrees cooler than usual. Dunno why. The Contemplation pool was 95 degrees warmer than expected.
For anyone who has not been to the new camp ground, I highly recommend it. Not just for the picnic tables and fire rings. But the friendly atmosphere and fun that can be had there. When I left there were 5 vehicles in the old parking lot called the Bowen ranch. And too many to count at the NEW camp ground. Just saying!
After all this it continued to get too crowded so I left earlier than I wanted to.
Happy hot springing in the springtime!

Trip report 5-3-2024 first snake! YIKES!

jobe443May 04, 2024 02:06PM

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