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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Bowen ranch history

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December 28, 2023 03:36PM
My son came from Utah this holiday and he went into springs. I have been avoiding them because of bad reports and these new people living in the area. My son came out and told me, “mom don’t go” that is quite disappointing considering his initials are to this day carved into the trees on the creek. He did tell of some of horrors being committed against the area and it is apparent that the curse of the round mountain ranch still goes on. I have always wondered with an aw how people could get so serious over a $1- almost like they had visions of grandeur! And how they could eat their fellow man over it. What a joke! You ain’t going to get rich off the gate take keepers!
These people are a class of people I call “ignets”. They are the ones that get full of this imaginary power and at the expense of water sources and the environment, exert that false authority. Instead of being stewards of the lands and give thanks for their allowance to be their, the argue and scrap I’ve shit that has no true value- all the while these other ignets are painting on rocks, trashing the area and shitting in the creek!
They don’t get it! They are completely missing it!
Joke them if they can’t take a FUCK!🤯🤪😝😉😁😵‍💫😵🤔

Bowen ranch history

Rattlesnake ranch599December 28, 2023 03:36PM

Re: Bowen ranch history

Paul P.348December 28, 2023 05:41PM

Re: Bowen ranch history

Rattlesnake ranch392January 01, 2024 04:47AM

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