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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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April 5 trip report - first snake !

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April 06, 2022 06:39PM
No april fooling yesterday was a good day for visiting the springs. The weather was perfect, and so were the vibes. I got to the springs at 9 am. Only about 10 persons were there, later no more than 30 persons at any one time. Everyone were polite and respectful to each other, kind of like one big hot spring family. The only other regular there was a guy my age named Dave. There were 3 tents upstream. I met a through hiker who said there was one other through hiker there also. They had spent the previous day a o or zero day. Meaning a day with zero miles hiked. Through hikers are super humans and awesome.
As I sat on the rocks with Dave he spotted a water snake. He was only about 14 inches long. It is that time of the year again. Watersnakes are not poisonous.he swam aroud outside of the womb pool for @15 minuets.
After serveying the womb pool Dave and I determand. The womb pool was past time for a dead alge and debris cleaning. We spent 3 hours taking turns vacum cleaning the bottom of the pool. And only got about 90 % of the dead alge. Getting old SUCKS! The sandbags that chanel the hot water from the crab cooker pool are still in place. Makeing the Serenity pool about 6-8 inces deeper and much hotter. My thermometer was broke, some how? So no pool temps. The creek water is not too damn cold any more. Most peole were swimming in the creek. There was much entertainment this day Imagine, sitting in the springs, watching professional slage line walkers crossing the creek for hours. That is what me and 20 others did. It was wonderful.

April 5 trip report - first snake !

jobe1177April 06, 2022 06:39PM

Re: April 5 trip report - first snake !

neogeo695April 08, 2022 09:44AM

Re: April 5 trip report - first snake !

jobe503April 08, 2022 05:36PM

Re: April 5 trip report - first snake !

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