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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Trip Report: 1/7/2019

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January 09, 2019 07:55PM
Great job on all of your efforts of cleaning up Paulespo! Yes the 2 inch size would be most ideal. You might google online and see what is available. The pool hose style works better since they are much more flexible than other types of hoses. I really like seeing the Blue Heron's down at Deep Creek. They remind me of those dinosaur birds, a pterodactyl when they glide up or down the canyon on their huge wings. One fine summer day years ago I was at a wonderful pool far upstream from DCHS sitting on a rock by the shore and a Blue Heron came gliding over me and it landed about 30 feet away on the sandy shore of the pool. It apparently had not seen me and was looking down at the water briefly, then it looked over at me. We watched each other for about a couple of minutes then it floated across to the other side of the pool and landed on a rock there close to the water looking for something to eat for a while. I like being in the remote wild place where you tend to see more creatures going about their daily routines smiling smiley

Jobe and I were out hiking yesterday and he was telling about helping someone cleaning the Womb pool. I asked if it was Paulespo and he indicated it was another person but now I see it was you after all smiling smiley The Womb pool being pretty deep makes it harder to get the debris and algae down at the bottom. In the southern corner of that pool down in the deep part next to one of the big loose rocks there is a hot source coming out of a crack. When the algae builds up really deep it kind of curtails the extra pool heating effect of that source.

Chuck has told me about his story of the miners " supposedly " dynamiting the granite to create the Womb and Serenity Pools. If you have ever seen hard rock/granite that has been dynamited it creates very jagged and uneven surfaces in the stone. The surfaces in those two pools are mostly very smooth and rounded. Surfaces made jagged by dynamite would take who knows how many thousands of years to be made smooth again by stream erosion. The Anniversary Pool has rough surfaces, but it was only relatively recently created, and its location before the huge 1990's flood was a big dirt bank of grass that got scoured away down to bedrock. Also those rock surfaces are quite high above the creek level so are not subject to erosive forces of stone near the stream. The northern side of the Serenity Pool has an interesting shape with such smooth slick surfaces. Its a nice spot to sit in smiling smiley

On the subject of erosion of rock surfaces down at Deep Creek, you see at times very interesting features that indicate shapes, holes in the granite that clearly were created untold thousands of years ago. Like one I found, about a 12 foot roundish hole going straight down about 17 feet or so into the solid granite right next to the creek. It always has water in it from yearly flooding that refills it. I used a dive light and mask and dove down to the bottom of it to inspect the bottom, hoping there were no monsters waiting to grab me winking smiley In the same area there is a large granite outcrop that rises up in to the air on the edge of a large pool. In the very top of that outcrop there is a big roundish bowl that obviously was created by a waterfall, but there is nothing but air above it with no higher rocks anywhere near the spot. Clearly some time long ago, untold thousands of years, there was a waterfall tall enough above that spot, big enough to carve out that bowl. The other much bigger and deeper hole required an even much taller and more powerful water fall. In all of my many years of hiking at Deep Creek I have always been amazed while reclining on the endless smooth rock surfaces, seats and such along the creek, at how the smooth myriad shapes I am looking at tell a story of time spans that are hard to imagine given our fleeting time here, to have come to be the way they are smiling smiley

Trip Report: 1/7/2019

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