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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Pool Scrubbing?

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May 06, 2018 12:29PM
Hello George, miss seeing you at DCHS too, and refreshing myself with your tasty brew you have shared with me at times! Regarding the Womb and algae. It could very well be that no one has vacuumed it out in a good while, and if so algae builds up over time in a deep layer at the bottom of the pool. When folks get in and move about the algae being light gets stirred up and swirls around. In past floods sand has come into the pool filling the deeper bottom such that you could walk around on it. That pool is hard to clean of debris because of its depth and there is also a void that goes a ways back under the cliff. This is just an idea I have thought of before that to me would make the cleaning situation and usability of the Womb pool better, not that I would do it myself since I wouldn't want to upset anybody.

With a sand bottom in this pool as has been the case in the past after big floods, it gives you a base to walk around on or stand anywhere in the pool. To me about neck deep would be just right. If there was a sand bottom like this the vacuuming of the pool would be so much easier, along with getting at any other debris falling down to the bottom. When vacuuming even if your careful some sand is removed. but more sand could be put in to keep the level the same. People then using the pool could stand in the middle without sinking to the bottom. When the pool deep as it is now, it tends not to get cleaned out since it is not an easy thing to do. I think the best spot to get clean sand would be in the creek out in the stream near the Crab Cooker. The sand in the water there has already been cleaned of dust and dirt.

So if some folks wanted to do this first I think it would be better to vacuum out the bottom so its clean first, then put the fresh sand in so there is not a bunch of muck under the sand. Sand is heavy to move in buckets so this would best be a project for a group of strong backed folks, done in cooler weather. Also people that have come from a long way to spend the day at the springs are not always keen on having projects like that going on the very day they are there, and lately we know DCHS has become more busy than years past.

The rest of the pools are not deep like the Womb so cleaning is much less of a problem. One thing, you may have to try and get Jobe to sign a contract not to remove all the sand with his pool hose. There is a bug in his brain that says " sand bad, deep pool good " winking smiley When the pool has a white sand bottom like that when clean and looked at from above has a beautiful Turquoise color because of the minerals in the hot water sources smiling smiley

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Pool Scrubbing?

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