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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Earthquake 4/28 @ 8:07am

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April 29, 2012 09:02AM
It ain't pretty. Scary is a better description. I was there in I believe it was '93. When an after shock to the huge Big Bear earthquake struck. The rocks above the springs shook rumble and rolled. Then dust took 30 minuets to settle from the hills above. When it did settle another smaller after shock shook it up again.
I was in the creek swimming with my goggles looking at things on the bottom. A huge noise that sounded like a boat but was not sounded. The next day another after shock happened that shook a large boulder as big as a 1 ton pickup truck fell off the cliff just down stream from the springs. This boulder broke into 3 big pieces that are still there. They bounced across deep creek and sheered off 3 large trees at ground level. Greg and Julia former Deep Creek regulars were there & they told me about this. I was hanging out with Mike at the ranch. From all of this motion I lost faith in the stability of the Earth.
Which is what I needed to get ready for the even larger Northridge earthquake that occurred almost exactly 1 year later. I lived in Simi Valley at the time, which is just over the hill from Northridge. If you start hanging out there as much as I do, it will happen. But I for one don't wanna be there when it does.
Happy soaking and keep up the good works. I eagerly look for your stories.

Earthquake 4/28 @ 8:07am

JoelTDahl1798April 28, 2012 09:49AM

Re: Earthquake 4/28 @ 8:07am

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Historical Seismicity

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