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Re: SC43

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June 08, 2007 05:48PM

Greetings and Heads Up,

Most Americans today are too busy with raising a family, keeping their debt load in check and planning their next vacation to read past the corporate daily newspapers, to study non-Disney history that is not taught in schools, to keep up with the secret deals and the non-reported changes that affect and effect us all.

Then again, when we do learn of U.S. sponsored torture chambers, 230 yr. Bill of Rights being taken down, hundreds of thousands killed for outright lies to War for Oil and billions made in War by the same cronies who are connected at the hip to the White House, we soldier on our daily lives, never to utter a peep in protest, for our lives aren't affected and we don't "feel their pain".....Yet!

How would we know if things are getting exponetially worse for Society and our OneWorld as a whole? How will we know if the government regulators in charge of protecting our sacred environment are actually the one's who will aide in destroying the planet for short term corporate profit and power, since their previous jobs were working for the very business' who are doing the polluting?

And if traditional sources of information have now become owned by a few corporations, whose sole mandate is to make profit for their shareholder's, how will you find out that things have gotten really, really bad for the public in general? Especially the poor and lower middle classes before it is to late and this country becomes a Totalitarian Regime run by Dictator's who have centralized al the power and control and appointed War Czar's in this country?

If you don't know by now, this land of the "Free" is now "owned and soley operated" by the multi-national companies who hide behind glass enclosed coporate law and, at worst, pay minimum fines, for even the most hideous of offenses. Their sole directive is to plan for endless sales growth to the consumer, at all costs no matter what the loss to life or to the MOther Ship herself.

Consider these two facts: 1) It is a corporations sole objective to grow its business for shareholder profit and gain and 2) It is not currently illegal to destroy the planet that sustains us! Shouldn't it be?

You need to look no farther than the Fox news/ White House relationship. The newscaster for Fox News, Tony Snow, becomes the White House spokesman. The Republican debate for '08 is held at the Fox News studios. Harriet Meyers, who was nominated for Supreme Court judge is now found out to be the legal instigator for the political firings of seven U.S. Attorney General's last year.

Using all three branches of our government to infiltrate and influence legislative decision making has now reached the levels where the New World Order's game plan can be executed to perfection, without Congressional checks and balances and without fear of losing their seats to another party, since our only choices are Republocrats and Demopublicans.

One only has to look back at last November '06 elections where the clear mandate by the people was to get out of Iraq immediately. Now, one-half year later, we are nowhere nearer the people's choice. Of course we never will be, because as every Congressman knows, our government, no matter who is elected, has ZERO plans to ever leave Iraq. Even more so because their was just found another 100 Billion barrels of Oil under their grounds recently and since we use 26% of the World's oil and are just 5% of the World population, we feel a great need to protect Our Values, for Our Interests....no matter what, or as Mr. Cheney put it so succintly, "The American lifestyle is NOT negotiable."

What these true "evil doers" are planning next for "We The People" is of grave concern for us all. For six years now, the "Joy Boys", Dick and Boy George, have followed the Master plan to take all the powers they can and Centralize them under the Tarnished White Dome. Why would they go through all the illegal manuevers to get the control and power of usurping the rights of average Joe's like us, if they were not going to use these new power tools in their tool box? Either the Illuminati get their man in the White House in '08 or they simply declare a new 9.11 Disaster, declare Martial Law and suspend elections. They now have the power, the will and the motive and all this country has done over the past two elections is underestimate these takeover tyrants.

That many of the OneWorld populous will need to continue to roll over, play obidient slave and lick the boots of our new Machivellian Master's, while hundred's of thousands die and millions get displaced and impoverished, is part of the Project For A New American Centuries (PNAC) game plan as they move forward, unchecked and unbalanced towards their desired Ne0-New World Order. They, the elite few of both Democratic and Republican cardholders, have been planning this next move for several Presidential terms and now they are ready to play a hand that very few in this country see coming.

That the Neo-NWO (euphininsm "Globalization') have operated the PNAC game plan to perfection for the past several years, even without many of their "Slam Dunk" specialists is evidenced by utterly helpless this country has been to stop them from their stated agenda. Unless the true Republic of We The People in this country decides to rise up and shout "Ya Basta" and stop this this madness, we are going to be living in a very different world, with a whole new set of rules, dictated by the powers of our elite corporations and their legislative and judicial stooges, whose sole purposes is endless growth to profit and pillage.

Most of the U.S. public thinks these Ne0-cons are stumbling, bumbling screw-ups, when in fact, they are accomplishing everything they have set out to do with such a cunning and ruthless efficency it takes one's breath away. To truly understand the minds of these men, one must enter into the world of men who wish to dominate (and handsomely profit) from man and Mankind, without any regard for the scorched Earth they will leave behind....

Great website, check out the rest at the above website.


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