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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Law enforcement - mode of operation !

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September 07, 2005 05:13AM
It has been my observation as a long time deep creek hot springer. That before the forest service and/or sheriff department have an enforcement operation at the springs. A helicopter or plane flyes low and slow over the springs area. Every time I see a low and slow copter or plane I start looking for rangers on the trail to the springs.
At the time in question a local teenage girl from Apple Valley was missing. I suspect they were looking for her. In which case 5 officers would not be enough for my child.
I realize in the past I have said derogitory things about the Forest service and sheriffs, I was only venting my frustration at their inability to do their job. But if they rescue or save one child from danger, they are my hero's.
But if you keep your eyes open big brother is up there in the air with a camera. Looking for the opertunity to give out the maximum amount of tickets per man hour. That is their mode of operation.
Brad Burns is my age 51, yep that is middle age for me. If Brad does healthy thing as I do he will live to be 100 too! I tried to get him to do healthy things also. It seems to have gone in one ear and out of the other.
That is my opinion, I hope this helps somebody.
Happy hot pottin' everyone.

Law enforcement - mode of operation !

jobe 1681September 07, 2005 05:13AM

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