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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: AZ hot springs

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March 07, 2014 03:17AM
Although it rained in S. Cali. the weekend of 03.01.2014, conditions were relatively dry at the Lake Mead Rec area. We arrived at mid-day, party of three. There were only seven other vehicles in the parking lot. As per Paul that hike down is definitely much easier than the Gold Strike trail, especially during the winter in slightly cooler weather. Although getting down was fun and relatively quick, returning was slightly more taxing, not because the trail is difficult, but because it is a mixture of sand and rock, so you definitely burn a lot more calories.

We only passed two very small groups hiking out as were headed in, including some campers carrying heavy loads in the mid-day sun. In terms of temperature, very comfortable at about 72-74. We had on us about 3 liters of water each and it was the perfect amount for the entire hike. I also had a backup filter in case we needed additional water from the CO river. When we did get to the river, it was very cold, approximate it at about 50F, but refreshing for those that like it cold. There was no sign of anyone camping at the beach landing area. However, traffic was intermittent in terms of groups and such passing through.

As for the hot springs, the water was slightly cooler than from what I recalled a few weeks earlier but not by much. Assuming maybe due to heavy rains before the weekend. When we arrived there was only one other couple in the lower pool. My party went exploring around the area while I had the upper pool all to myself for a good half hour. When they returned, it seemed like the flood gates opened. About four different groups arrived one after the other over the next two hours, two couples and two larger parties. All out of state, in fact out of country and great conversation as usual. One of the couples traveled from Alberta. They were both students and converted an old short school bus into a camper.

One of the things that's very obvious about the AZ Hot Springs area and other wilderness areas around Las Vegas. Lack of trash. Interestingly the area gets hit with a lot of camping activity. However, it remains clean. Ironically AZ/NV laws are much more lenient about camping, fires and just about everything else. Also, there is no active clean-up effort of the area, just a carry in, carry out policy. One additional nice feature though are the two latrines near the river.

Overall, great hike, great soak and great company. The only negatives about AZ hot springs, in my opinion: (a) the noise from helicopters flying over the canyon (b) lack of a truly embraced clothing optional culture and (c) the fact that it's a bit of a walk from the hot pools to the river, in the sense that I like to do the "hot - cold" thing, soak in the river, then the pools. Very convenient at DCHS, not as much here. However a small price to pay for an otherwise addictive hot springs area.

AZ hot springs

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