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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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October 01, 2010 08:46PM
Hey all,
I got back from the Golden Trout Wilderness today from a trip to Jordan Hot Springs. We hit the trail on Wednesday morning from Black Rock Camp in the Inyo National Forest. First thing I will say is that the trail is Steep. Elevation loss on the way down is about 2,500 feet on five miles of trail, following Nine mile Creek down to the old cabins/resort at Jordan HS. In the Golden Trout Wilderness you cant build pools but there were four pools there. The highest pool was fed by a spring measuring 125F with high iron content (I am just guessing because there was alot of red silt and it smelled like rust).The highest pool was about 2 1/2 feet deep and 5ft wide-15ftlong temperature measured at 111F in the center of the pool. The second pool was a small concrete tub that was fed by two springs, the iron spring and a separate 130F spring. The second pool held water but was way too hot to soak. Then the water flows into the lower pool at creek level (Next to Nine Mile Creek). That pool was only a foot deep but with the hot water from the concrete and upper pool mixing with the 55F Nine Mile Creek. Then about 25 feet down stream there is a five foot Hot Spring Waterfall with a stone pool built into the creek.The temp at the source for the waterfall pool was 131F. The pool had alot of cold water seeping in. I tried for a while to build up the wall with stones and sand but I got my ass kicked so I gave up on that project. There are quite a few other hot springs I saw along the trail but they were inaccessible. Also other cold mineral springs bubbling away as well, Its a neat place. There are some cabins to check out and great camping with the creek water ready to filter. We made a side trip to a waterfall mark on the map on Nine mile creek about 2.5 miles downstream of Jordan. Im glad we made the effort, the waterfall was HUGE. As you follow Nine Mile Creek lots of other significant creeks and springs converge making for a nice river. When we got to the marks on the map we found a 200 foot deep canyon carved out of granite with the creek crashing down. I did not expect that, the map doesnt even have it named.The hike is worth it just for the falls.

On our last night there it was sprinkling a little and the wind was picking up speed. We were hanging out in one of the cabins when my cousin saw a rainbow so he went to get his camera from camp, thats when the trees started falling, It was scary as hell.
There was a fire in that area that had destroyed alot of big pine trees leaving big black dead pines everywhere. We didnt think about trees falling from some wind but a big wind blew into the canyon and trees were falling all over the place. We ran to a small meadow and waited for the wind to stop. Our camp was in an area of mostly live trees that had not been burnt next to the cabins, but we moved our camp down to the meadow to be safe. That has to be the freakiest thing thats ever happened to me in the woods for sure.
We woke up and soaked one last time before sunrise and then we made our way out. The trail that was previously free of downed trees on our way up there were about six trees blocking the trail. It was a fun trip. Ill post a video later when I get it all together.

This place is worth a trip for sure.
Jordan Hot Spring
Nine Mile Creek Falls

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Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

Madrox4184September 12, 2010 04:42PM

Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

Madrox3234October 01, 2010 08:46PM

Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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Re: Jordan Hot Springs (Golden trout Wilderness) Current Conditions?

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