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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Gaviota Hot Springs, SB County

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March 24, 2003 04:53PM
Hi all,

I live in Lompoc, and Gaviota Hot Springs is just about 15 minutes away from me. I go there once or twice per month. It's nice there. There are three pools. The one at the top is the warmest, and it holds about ten people; it feeds the lower pool, which is about three times larger, but it's not as warm. The top pool is about 97 degrees, and the bottom one is about 86 degrees. There is a nice waterfall going from the top pool to the lower pool. The other pool is about 50 feet away from the lower pool, all by itself; it's very small and holds about two or three people, and the temperature is about 90 degrees.

There are some regulars I meet from time to time. One regular goes there nearly every day; I think he said about 300 times per year. His name is Richard, and he is the self-designated caretaker of the hot springs. He cleans the place up, repairs it, and keeps it nice. He is an interesting character. He used to be some sort of television executive in charge of the shows "The Jeffersons" and "Different Strokes." He is an older man, and retired now. He is into Yoga, TM, Tarot, massage, and other alternative stuff. He is very intelligent. He also makes rock towers all the way up the trail to the hot springs. These rock towers have carefully selected rocks that are balanced on top of one another. Some are over three feet high. He calls them "The first line of defense." He gets upset when a lot of suited people use the hot springs. It has been traditionally clothing optional. If suited people are there before him, he politely asks if his nudity would offend anyone. If so, he just leaves.

There is a two-dollar fee for parking in the lot, or you could park up the road a bit for free. If you park in the lot without paying the fee, the fine is about $65.00. So, beware.

Gaviota Hot Springs, SB County

Joe 7007March 24, 2003 04:53PM

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