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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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A Gantlet of Terror

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November 18, 2001 10:47PM
The Munchkins and I made another hair-raising trip to OZ past the evil that lurks at the Bowen Ranch and on to the realms where cars are vandalized :-( Down through hidden valleys we hiked with Forestry Personel and BLM rangers, wild eyed, close at hand, waving thier pistols in the air, and crying out " We will get you Mr. Wizard! " The Munchkins screamed out in fear " The monsters are coming! " Our faithful pooches were running this way and that, dodging the multitudes of lunatic, drunken, drugged out, low lifes, swarming around the hotpools at the springs. While soaking someone told me " The lord of evil will be coming down the mountain soon " which sent us all running like rabbits across the huge piles of dog poo which lay everywhere on the ground because of "Bad " dog owners :-( I thought to myself " Mr. Tiki would really be bummed about this poo thing! " On leaving the springs, the munckins and I felt compelled to find a differant path home to avoid the mayhem that lurks in them thar hills. Wadya know, we found a real cool way back to our ride and we didn't get gobbled up by any monsters along the way :-) Just goes to show ya, Oz can be a really cool place, even if it is a bit scary at times :-)

A Gantlet of Terror

Wizard 1260November 18, 2001 10:47PM

Re: A Gauntlet of Terror

Viejo Bill 616November 19, 2001 07:16AM

Re: A Gauntlet of Terror

Wizard 906November 20, 2001 07:36PM

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