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Re: New attitude or new excuse?

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November 01, 2004 01:17PM
Hi Sam D.

I don't think it is a new attitude. I really question if this idiot (not a great way to end a conversation, but I do agree the adjective is well deserved) used to carry out his trash before Deep Creek Volunteers was around. He probably just did a better job of concealing it and now is using DCV as a new excuse not to carry out his trash. I would quite honestly be embarassed and feel that others would consider me a wimp if I was unable to carry out my own trash and leaving it to others. If everyone left their trash behind there would not be enough volunteers to carry it out.

There will always be some folks unwilling to carry out there trash and let others do the work for them. I try and look at the big picture and when I do I find that there appears to be a lot less trash around now than before DCV. I see many more folks carrying out there own trash and willing to carry out others as well. A few weeks ago I saw a trash bag hanging on a bush with no one even close to it. I photographed it as an example of what not to do. When I went back later to pick it up it was gone. I have reason to beleive that the person that had left it there saw me photograph it and removed it fearing I might be documenting it to turn them it, which was obviously not the case as I had not witnessed anyone place it there.

Well thanks for defending the need for everyone to carry out there own trash and that DCV members are not a trash removal service. In regards to crossing the creek, on Saturday it was waist deep accross from the beach so swimming is no longer necessary till the next storm at least.

New attitude?

Sam D. 1121October 31, 2004 10:38PM

Re: New attitude or new excuse?

Ron 634November 01, 2004 01:17PM

Re: New attitude?

Wizard 580November 01, 2004 07:58PM

Re: New attitude?

LaughingBear 623November 01, 2004 08:55PM

Re: New attitude?

Rick 578November 01, 2004 10:39PM

Re: New attitude?

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