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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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DCHS/10-27/Photos and Update

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October 27, 2004 11:52PM
I did a hike to the springs today by way of the Bradford Ridge Trail. The BRT is in real good shape, and I hiked in the sunshine this morning after the overnight storm. When I arrived at DCHS the stream was still high with the flood water over the Arizona, Serenity and Crab Cooker pools. I could see that the high water mark from last weeks storm did rise to a level equal to the flooding that occured back in the 92/93 winter rainy season, getting past the " pack it out " sign and up to the other big brown metal sign. The flooding was at a level about 2 feet above the Aniversary pool. There is extensive driftwood on the shore above the Arizona pool leading around to close to the Aniversary pool. There is an immense collection of debris under the big grove of trees just downstream ( and on the same side ) from the crab cooker. The area where Sycamore and others did their rock stacking has had flood water come through, most of the stacked rocks are still in place. There is a large sand bank on the north side of the Arizona Pool which has altered the hot water source that feeds that pool. The Womb's depth at the deepest point is about 3 feet. The Womb's temperature is 100, with the water coming into the pool at 102. The Aniversary pool is 104, with the source water at 106. The Serenity pool is about three quarters full of sand, under the flood waters, temperature about 50 degrees :-) I would guess that the Arizona Pool is filled with sand and rock too, even though I couldn't see it under the flood waters. The little Alder Tree that stood next to the Arizona Pool has been uprooted and its laying sideways in the creek, its toast! There are numerous trees down or leaning heavily in the stream bed due to the high water. Lots of debris piles in spots along the creek. When I arrived I found four people who had become trapped due to the overnight storm. I advised them on various options to get out and they finally chose to swim across the creek with their stuff in trash bags to keep it dry. I gave them a couple of my trash bags. They were able to cross without trouble, except for being cold. I told them about the DCHS Forum and suggested, if they wished, that they could give us a report here of their adventure so we may here from them. It rained on and off during the day and I got rained on during my hike out. Just before I left I did hear thunder three times which scared my pooches. After the four folks crossed the creek I had the place all to my self, very nice! The creek has finally received a thorough cleaning and this rainy season has just begun. If anyone hikes down from the Bowen Ranch side remember that depending on any recent rains, you may have to swim across the cold creek, and if the recent rain is significant, it may not be possible. Watch the weather reports before you hike. It was a fun day hiking down to DCHS with lots of water running everywhere, felt like I was in Oregon again. Brought my pooch Sparky, and my new dog Tema on her first hike to the springs. It was a fine day and I'm looking forward to getting back down to Deep Creek real soon! Before I forget, I posted five pictures that I took today at the Wizard's Pictures link below. They start with the last four photos on page 48, and the one photo on page 49. Its interesting to see the changes these floods bring to Deep Creek and DCHS.

DCHS/10-27/Photos and Update

Wizard 626October 27, 2004 11:52PM

Re: DCHS/10-27/Photos and Update

Wizard 421October 27, 2004 11:55PM

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