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Sorry Mojave, Tanya Did It

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September 03, 2004 03:48PM
I wrote an email to Tanya on July 9, 2000 and asked her this question:

Lastly, it was observed that a work crew were cutting limbs off of live juniper trees for the vertical mulching. There are so few live trees left in the area and plenty of dead burned ones, why are you damaging the live trees that we have left in the area? Please advise who is in charge of these decisions. Thanks.

Tanya responded on July 10, 2000:

On the Juniper trees, many Juniper trees were salvaged from a Caltrans project last year. However, we have needed more since then. Crews have not been cutting down/destroying live trees -- but salvaging a branch here & there from Junipers mostly from unburned patches. This is thought to be less damaging overall than walking over the burned landscape & removing some of the only vertical structure left in some areas.

In certain cases, burned snags have been used for vertical mulching, such as mulching in a completely burned area where burnt branches are lying next to a trail..but not as often as borrowing a branch or two from live vegetation & salvaged material from Caltrans & the county.

I just got word of two private landowners who may be clearing Juniper from their property....something I'm trying to jump on today if I can squeeze it in....

I'm the one who briefed and directed the crew leads on how to "borrow" juniper branches & other vegetation with respect for the health of the plants & overall area.

I prefer to use local, Caltrans/County material, but have no control over when the material will be available. I'm hoping for another road project before the end of the year, which should provide a lot of material (many types of vegetation) - Tanya

Sorry Mojave, Tanya Did It

katrina island 789September 03, 2004 03:48PM

Re: Sorry Mojave, Tanya Did It

LaughingBear 547September 03, 2004 05:04PM

Re: Tanya did a good job

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