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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (56% of Full)


Re: Another helicopter rescue

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July 18, 2004 11:05AM
Hi Sam and Ron,

I was at the springs on Friday, and there wasn't any candle wax problem then, so it must have been Friday night. Friday was a quiet day with mostly local visitors. We gathered some trash from upstream and found some glass bottles. (Rolling Rock) Later we saw some of the local people drinking Rolling Rock in glass bottles. Before we left, we were about to gather up the two bags of trash we had collected, when the local people volunteered to take it out for us. We accepted, but later wondered whether they had actually taken it out.

So, Sam, were the glass bottles you found Rolling Rock? If so, without proving anything, I will not again leave any trash for these locals to carry out. I know that some of the local regulars do a great job of following the rules and carting out other people's trash, but some also defy the rules themselves.

We also saw a very pretty diamondback rattler just upstream from the springs, near where you cross on the rocks. He rattled at my dog, but calmly went on his way when prodded with a stick.

Sorry to hear about another helicopter rescue. I often see people getting ready to hike out in the heat, sometimes without water, and I try to encourage them to stay until the sun starts to set, to carry water and drink a lot of it, and to take their time if they intend to hike in the sun.

Wish I could have joined you both at the springs, but can't seem to take too many days off even in the summer. I'll try to go again Tuesday or Wednesday and will bring some razor blades and work on that candle wax.


Another helicopter rescue

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Re: Another helicopter rescue

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Re: Another helicopter rescue

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Re: Another helicopter rescue

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