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Re: Minutes from 5/29 meeting

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June 04, 2004 10:08AM
Here are the minutes...sorry for the delay.

Item #1) Membership/funding changes:

We have had three new members since January 04, and our current total is 26. Our funds are currently $271.00. We now have a bank account with a non-profit tax I.D. number. Ron is currently the only member who can sign checks, and since the bank is closest to his residence, he will most likely be the only one signing checks. We discussed the need for a second signer just in case one should be needed. Sycamore volunteered to be the second signer. All present agreed.

Item #2) Brochure box update:

The brochure box has been installed at the trailhead at Bowen Ranch and stocked with brochures. It still requires a second coat of paint on the lettering. Paul will do the second coat soon.

Item #3) TNS meeting:

Ron gave a report about the TNS meeting at Laguna Del Sol, which is near San Francisco. He saw about 100 mobile homes installed and the area very nicely maintained. In addtion there were a hotel and a very large camping area. The TNS is currently trying to recruit new members. TNS has fought legally for naturists all over the country. Sometimes they will develop a suggested legislation instead of fighting a proposed legislation. Some affiliate groups do fund drives to support them.

Side note: Sycamore suggests a small wording change for our brochure, regarding memberships and TNS memberships. (this came about as a result of some confusion expressed by a hot springs visitor over the wording) The suggested change is to say: "I would like to be a member of DCV (membership is free)" Instead of "I would like to be a member of this group." An additional small change was proposed in the wording of the invitation to join TNS, which costs $50.00 annually. The rationale for the change is that the visitor reading our brochure misunderstood and thought that it would cost $50.00 per year to be a member of DCV. All agreed that we should change the wording to clarify the matter.

Minutes will be continued in another post on this thread.

Minutes from 5/29 meeting

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Re: Minutes from 5/29 meeting

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