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CA OHV Commission/Waldheim

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May 19, 2004 09:17AM
At the last meeting of the CA OHV Commission, a local citizen presented the current problem of OHV non-compliance and lack of enforcement in the Juniper Subregion. Mr. Waldheim (a new member of the Commission) gave no indication of having knowledge of this problem despite having made comments to the LA Times on that very subject. He discouraged any further discussion on the subject in a very agressive manner.

He also opposed supporting a measure to bring OHV penalties in line with the Forest Service. The current penalties are disproportionate and so there is a reluctance to cite. He and his supporters were able to prevail. His was clearly a vote against taking action against OHV compliance.

When one commission member proposed an action item to determine if Commission Funds had been made available to the Juniper Subregion, another member rudely demanded adjournment. The action item did go on record, however, and we are waiting to hear what happened to the funds.

Mo Fo Hill / Motorcycles

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CA OHV Commission/Waldheim

mojavegreen 610May 19, 2004 09:17AM

Re: CA OHV Commission/Waldheim

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Re: Mo Fo Hill / Motorcycles

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