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Re: The fire season is starting early this year

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May 03, 2004 09:57PM
There was a report on CNN this evening, where it was stated that this fire season could be shaping up to be the worst ever. I also read an article in this evenings local paper ( Daily Press ), where other serious results of the prolonged Western States drought conditions, specifically the possibility of water shortages in states who draw water from the Colorado River. Lake Powel is currently at 42% capacity, and Lake Mead is at 59%. If the current drought conditions continue, it was estimated that in three. or possibly two years Lake Powel could be so low, that the Glen Canyon Dam would not be able to release water. It was also stated that Lake Mead might face the same fate by 2008 if the drought continues. States along the Colorado River are currently being advised to devise options for looming possibilities of reduced water supplies taken from the Colorado River. Las Vegas is starting to feel the impact of these shortages already, new lawns are not being allowed in cases for new construction. Las Vegas has been for many years, top of the list for new construction and increasing population in the United States. Its only a matter of time before the dwindling water supplies will put the brakes on that areas enormous proliferation of urban sprawl. New construction across the United States has been a major component driving the national economy. We now have two huge trends which will make things go from bad to worse, in a relatively short time span, massive urban sprawl with new construction across the nation, all requiring increasing amounts of water, set against the backdrop of dwindling water supplies, contaminated wells, over drawn aquifers, and droughts that evidence has shown, can last far longer than most people even realize. The Mirage and good times of the big cities of the Southern Deserts will be more and more, facing the grim realities of the coming water crisis.

The fire season is starting early this year

Rick 903May 03, 2004 02:24PM

Re: The fire season is starting early this year

Wizard 499May 03, 2004 09:57PM

Re: The fire season is starting early this year

mojavegreen 458May 04, 2004 07:16AM

LA DWP facing water loss

mojavegreen 889May 04, 2004 08:27AM

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