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Re: Meeting

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February 27, 2004 10:12PM
I understand your sentiments LB. I am still angered by these threats from Mike Castro against those who may try to curtail in some way his riding of this illegal trail through the Indian Cultural area, or other illegal trails he may travel. I wish to seek solutions, with reasonable people, and in thinking further today about a proposed meeting with Mike Castro and others, I'm not really sure there would be anything to gain. Many of you folks involved with FOJF want the illegal offroad OHV travel stoped as a main issue. Mike Castro has apparently made specific threats to those against him on that issue. I desire that Mike Castro stop his aggressive and threatening behavior as related to access to DCHS and its surrounding area. I am at real odds with the way Mike Castro has treated various folks over the years. One of the things I very much don't miss about the times, years ago, when I used to access through the Bowen Ranch is having to listen to Mike's complaints about all sorts of things. As far as I'm concerned, Mike Castro's grief has been brought to him by his own actions. Maybe Sycamore can talk some sense into Mike but as I expressed recently, I think Mike Castro is most likely solidly set in his ways. In thinking about this meeting idea I see a real contradiction between my deep held distaste for Mike Casto because of his negative ways, while proposing that he would be benificial to meet with. I think I will not wish to meet with Mike Castro unless I see that there is some real benifit to be gained with such a meeting. I am glad to see the increased watchfulness that has developed with the DCV group and the FOFJ group. I will do what I can to keep and eye open on my travels, and my camera handy, to help fight against these issues that affect our local special outdoor areas.


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