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February 27, 2004 09:08PM
Some good hearted souls recently suggested a meeting be held with Mike Castro to ease tensions. I have been proposing working with OHV enthusiasts in Juniper Flats since the Green Tree Inn meeting where I first exposed the illegal activities within the ACEC. I am still open to the concept of working together with all public users of public lands in a constructive way.

Im not going to bother trying to meet with Mike Castro in a neighborhood summit format. Sorry everyone, people who threaten to shoot and run over people belong in prison, not in a volunteer group. I am willing to work with the OHV community however to assist the BLM and USFS in educating the public. The local OHV patrol leader has my home phone number. All he has to do is pick up the phone. With or without them, our diverse group will continue to be very active in the Juniper Sub Region regardless of the violence of destructive individuals.


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