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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Local news

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November 09, 2003 08:20PM
Hunting season is in high gear right now with the BLM lands open. It sounded like a war zone with all of the gunfire today. None of the local residents I talked with could tell me if the forest is open or not but there were plenty of people out and about in the area.

The cattle have not been released yet but rumor has it they will be soon. I have concerns about this due to the lack of available water for these cows within the grazing allotment. History has shown us that these cows will make a beeline down to Deep Creek where they crap all over the place including the hotsprings itself. There are more than a few holes in the fence due to illegal motorcycle activity in the area.

Anyone who shares the concerns of the local residents about these destructive locusts with hooves can contact BLM director Linda Hanson at 909-697-5214. The effect these cows have on our public lands is devastating and many of us local residents feel its time to retire this grazing allotment. The riparian areas of Juniper Flats are stressed to the max from the effects of the Willow Fire and several years of drought. The holder of this grazing allotment is a part time cowboy who has a real business in the construction trade for his livelyhood. Should our national heritige be destroyed for the questionable profit of a select individual? I think not.

The latest WEMO news is the BLM did a ground survey of OHV routes in the Juniper Sub Region and results were released at a meeting in Apple Valley on Nov 4th. DCV representives were in attendance to review the maps and submit further comments. The BLM continues to accept public input on the Juniper sub region. These comments are limited to those who submitted previous comments. Local residents are outraged that the illegaly created J1299 is still being discussed as a viable route by the OHV enthusiasts. This trail violates the National Historic Preservation act and is causing subsoil disturbance in a documented Native American cultural area
that includes a burial site. Local residents and DCV members are standing our ground that this illegal trail is completely unacceptable.

Local weather was windy and cool today with a many dark clouds passing through. No rain today but we did see a beautiful rainbow out to the west over Cajon this morning. The traffic was light for a weekend on Bowen Ranch Road and a recent showing by the road grader made for a smooth ride.

Local news

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