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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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DCV meeting minutes

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October 27, 2003 10:16AM
Meeting began about 1:25 with Matt, Scott, Ron, Wizard, AZ Mike, and Sycamore Laughing in attendence. Visitors included Derek from the Las Vegas Bares, Prema, Tara, and "the munchkins" (Wizard's children).

Item #1) Membership:
No change since last meeting. We have 24 members.

Item #2) Brochure box update:
The brochure box is completed. It is a sturdy wooden box which features a drain hole in case a confused person mistakes it for a place to dump their beer. It is painted a light olive green. It should be installed, filled with brochures, and have the lettering done within a few days.
NOTE: The box was installed Sunday and the old box removed. The lettering and filling with brochures will be done in the next few days.

Item #3) Complaint about cattail removal:
Some cattails were thinned out at the edge of the lagoon in an effort to reduce the odors of that area and prevent further cattail encroachment (as is frequently done by wildlife sanctuaries). While this was not a DCV event, some DCV members did participate. A verbal complaint was communicated through a third party by a local resident who is prepared to make a complaint to the USFS if DCV engages in any activities which harm the local vegetation. The complaining party as well as the motivation for the complaint is unknown.

We discussed and agreed that DCV should never be involved in tampering with the vegetation at the springs, however we also noted that this can be a matter of interpretation. When we clean the pools, algae is obviously affected, but we have never considered that to be tampering with the area's vegetation. We know that others sometimes cut back the stream vegetation just downstream from the pools to clear the channel and prevent stagnation in the lagoon area. Volunteers acting on their own have also pruned off some branches of trees that had been broken off and sealed the wounds with pruning seal in an effort to save the trees from insect damage. Each of these events could be interpreted as tampering although the benefits of the events are evident. We hesitate to engage in other beneficial activities that may be interpreted as tampering and lead to complaints. Our decision is to continue cleaning the pools, but otherwise to leave vegetation alone.

Item #4) Increased camping/campfires around the springs:
We have noticed that, while our impact on the springs by daytime users has been positive and beneficial, we have had little impact on night users. In particular, there seems to have been an increase in the numbers of people who camp and/or burn campfires in the area, both of which are in violation of USFS regulations and could lead to fines. It was noted that Ranger Brad offered to give us a dispatch number so that we could call and report camping/campfires when we observe them. We did not get the number at the time, as we did not want to be involved in "tattling" to the USFS. In light of increased fire danger and increased camping activities, we feel it would be prudent for us to obtain this number and to begin calling in when our efforts at friendly persuasion fail to prevent people from camping.

Item #5) Photo shoot:
We have not yet had any volunteer families for a photo shoot. We will have a camera available at future meetings, and families who would like to volunteer for a photo shoot are encouraged to do so.

Item #6) OHV trail issues on nearby BLM lands:
Our group decided previously to send a letter to the BLM expressing our concern over a proliferation of OHV trails in the Juniper Flats area, in particular about the trail through Cottonwood Spring (J1299). Sycamore Laughing presented an update regarding this issue. The BLM sent out postcards to people/groups who sent in letters about this and invited them to a series of meeetings regarding this and other OHV trails. DCV did not recieve an invitation, possibly an oversight on the part of the BLM, but some members who also expressed concern were invited and attended the first of these meetings.

Subsequently, a plan was derived by some of the attendees of this meeting. The plan includes the connectivity that the OHV communtity has expressed a desire for, trailhead parking areas to facilitate use by various user groups, and route planning that is located to minimize damage, to minimize disruption to wildlife, to minimize conflict between OHV and other users, to maximize the ability of BLM to enforce laws, and to protect cultural values. Local residents with significant knowledge of the terrain and existing trails were asked for help in mapping out the plan.

DCV discussed this plan and agreed that surrounding BLM land-use has a direct impact on the adjacent USFS lands, including DCHS. We agreed to endorse the plan presented by Sycamore Laughing.

Details of the remaining two BLM meetings will be posted on this thread within the next couple of days. Interested parties are free to attend. Comments may be restricted to persons who have previously made comments on this issue.

Meeting ended about 2:05.
Trash cleanup was minimal, as the area was very clean.
Downstream firepits were broken up, burned trash and glass removed, fresh sand put over burned areas.

End of meeting minutes

DCV meeting minutes

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