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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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September 30, 2003 08:23AM
Thanks very much Sycamore for posting the minutes from our meeting. Excelent job. I would just like to add a few minor details. AZ Mike should be added to the list of attendants as well. Somehow I counted 10 members at the meeting but now can only come up with nine, anyway if you exclude our out of state members that is close to 50% of all members.

On item #4 we did decide on having a photo shoot for the logo now that the weather is getting cooler. We agreed on the text of an email that will be sent to all our members, friends and those of other southern California groups that may be willing to assist, to look for volunteers that are willing to participate. We want to try and use a few people to 'dress' the place and reflect it family oriented clothing optional atmospher. The date of the shoot will be determined once we have those willing to participate.

Item #7: Upcoming events are as follows:

October 12 - A group of Las Vegas Bares are planning a visit to DCHS. Anyone that can join them that day is very welcome.

October 25 - DCV October meeting

December 6 - Last DCV meeting of the year (November & December combined)

January 24 - January meeting will be moved forward one week to concide with Claudia Kellersch visit a birthday celebration. Claudia will be coming with a group of Camping Bares which is a San Diego non-landed group. Claudia is also a member of many other naturist groups and often appears or is author of many articles in naturist publications. She is an ambassador of Naturism through for the US and worldwide. She is really looking forward to celebrating her birthday with us.

In reply to Paul P.'s question, we do not send Brad a copy of our minutes. I know that he does check out the forum from time to time so he can read them here. He also has my number to contact me if needed. I feel that he is very busy and short staffed so I will only go to him when I feel it is necesary.

What might be a good idea is to email the minutes to all members. Every new member receives our internal document that gives the address of the forum so they can check it out if they wish. I feel however that some may not do so, so it might be a good idea to do an email as well. Let me know your thoughts.

DCV meeting minutes

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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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