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DCV meeting minutes

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September 29, 2003 10:22AM
The meeting started at about 1:20 pm with Richard, Scott, Matt, Wizard, Paul, myself, Ron, and one new member, Don in attendence. One visitor joined us for the first half of the meeting. The agenda was lengthy, and the meeting ran long, but was very productive and cordial (in my opinion).

Item #1: Membership changes.
Our group now has 24 members, 6 of whom are female.

Item #2: Naturist gathering.
Ron presented his experiences at the Naturist gathering and passed around a variety of literature from there. It was held at De Anza, a well-publicized site. They offered a wide range of workshops. Ron told us about one that he attended which was wilderness survival tips presented by a ranger. One tip given to children was to hug a tree if you get lost. This would keep you in one place, making it easier for searchers to find you, and hugging the tree would likely help to relieve fears.

Another item mentioned was that Secret Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes has been shut down over concerns about homosexual activity. The point was made that one of our goals should be to change the conception that nudity equals sexual activity. Overt sexual activity at clothing optional sites, whether homosexual or heterosexual, presents a false image to the public and gives authorities the reason, or the excuse, to shut the place down.

Item #3: Brochure changes.
Ron recieved some suggestions for changes in the brochure. Some were corrections of grammatical errors, while others were suggestions for new wording. Ron made the grammatical corrections and a few of the wording changes. He presented each wording change suggestion and the group discussed each proposed change. We reached consensus on what to change, and agreed that the document looks better when it is both right and left justified. I have no copy of the changes, and will wait for Ron to post them and fill in any details I have missed about the changes.

DCV meeting minutes

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