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Re: Mojavegreen strikes out

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September 08, 2003 02:45PM
The BLM went one step further in hiring Mike Ahrens as the Off Highway Vehicle Program Coordinator. Mike is a really nice guy with excellent PR skills. A real people person. Mike told me he was formerly employed by the OHV intrests so the OHV industry does have its friends within the BLM.

The real challenge is creating a workable plan that everyone can live with. The creation of off road areas such as Johnston Valley and Stoddard Wells provide areas for the public to persue OHV recreation locally. Mike's job is also to address the needs of the non motorized users and smooth out the friction that exists. The BLM plan for OHV use limited to designated routes is a workable reality but great care must be excersised in order to protect not only the sensitive resources, but the quality of life of private property owners. Greater enforcement is needed and the "pay to play plan" being proposed would provide the monetary resources to manage all of the problems associated with the OHV crowd. Im sure that Ranger Nelson could use some more help out there.

This illegaly created trail through the Juniper Flats ACEC was excluded from any public scrutiny until after the fact. The reason being its the wrong place for a dirtbike trail. For those who support this trail I would suggest than next time they include the public in the planning process and not try to sneak it through at the last minute. As a local property owner I do have a monetary intrest in the neighborhood and am concerned about activity on neighboring public land that affects the quality of life in the area.

Mojavegreen strikes out

katrina island 986September 08, 2003 02:40AM

Re: Mojavegreen strikes out

LaughingBear 721September 08, 2003 08:35AM

Mojave Green responds

mojavegreen 502September 08, 2003 10:44AM

Re: Mojave Green responds

Paul P. 544September 08, 2003 12:27PM

Re: Mojavegreen strikes out

LaughingBear 560September 08, 2003 02:45PM

Mojave Green apologizes

mojavegreen 926September 11, 2003 12:56AM

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