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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Mojave Green responds

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September 08, 2003 10:44AM
I agree with all the points that you made regarding BLM's exclusion of the public from this planning process. That is why BLM is being asked for a separate management planning unit to be designated and adoption of "no action" alternative of Route Designations for Juniper Sub Region until further planning is completed. The public has not yet been allowed full participation and planning is woefully incomplete. It is not too late to make that request in your comments.

BLM did install the fences, but did not install gravel caps as far a I can determine. If they did patrol, they have made no attempt to stop the opening of the illegal OHV trail around the fences and through the cultural area. There is no current plan to acquire private lands.

If this OHV trail resulted of public comment as you state, it should have been put on the table earlier as was required of all other submitters. The final comments were only allowed for amendment of previous comments. There was no excuse for doing it last minute, and it smacks of betrayal. As you know, the OHV crowd was involved in this planning long before the door was even opened to the rest of us.

As for not asking for law enforcement, locals have repeatedly asked for these issues to be addressed. The Chief BLM Law Enforcement Ranger responded by attempting to intimidate those making demands. He cited two locals on trumped-up charges, commenting "You asked for enforcement, now you've got it." Law enforcement is noted for being OHV friendly without regard for resource protection. This may be a reflection of overall policy in the Barstow office.

You are correct in stating that the public official's impact on the environment is outrageous. Yes, I have been provoked. That is why I am especially irritated by the lack of support for the BLM biologists who saved Juniper Flats from becoming a sacrifice area after the Willow Fire.

Your support of "RS-whatever", the ordnance that others are using to re-open all trails in the desert, along with your recent comments, led me to erroneously conclude that you support the illegal OHV trail through Cottonwood Springs.

Thank you for your support of closing the proposed open trail to OHV's and limiting it to non-motorized public access.

Mojavegreen strikes out

katrina island 906September 08, 2003 02:40AM

Re: Mojavegreen strikes out

LaughingBear 461September 08, 2003 08:35AM

Mojave Green responds

mojavegreen 457September 08, 2003 10:44AM

Re: Mojave Green responds

Paul P. 502September 08, 2003 12:27PM

Re: Mojavegreen strikes out

LaughingBear 454September 08, 2003 02:45PM

Mojave Green apologizes

mojavegreen 857September 11, 2003 12:56AM

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