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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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August 25, 2003 09:03PM
Here is a qoute from the Decision Record CDCA Plan Amendment dated June 2003 in which the proposal to create a new route designated J1299 is proposed by the BLM.

"Minor modifications of the network during plan implementation would be allowed, however without the necessity of a formal plan amendment. FLPMA allows BLM resource management plans (such as the CDCA Plan) to be "maintained as necessary to reflect minor changes in the data"(section 1610.5-4)Plan maintenance is limited,in that it cannot result in the expansion of the scope of resource uses or restrictions,or change the terms, conditions,and decisions of the approved plan. It is limited to further refining or documenting a previously approved decision incorporated into the plan. In view of these limitations, "minor realignments" of the route network would be considered to be plan maintenance, and could be made without formal amendment to the plan. "Minor realignments" include the following:

Minor realignments of a route necessary to avoid cultural resources sites identified during the process of complience with section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Minor relaignments of a route necessary to reduce impact on sensitive species or their habitats.

Minor realignment of a route that would substantialy increase the quality of a recreational experience, but that would not affect sensitive species or their habitat, or any other sensitive resource value. "

The BLM is bound by law to protect cultural areas by the National Historic Preservation Act. The Juniper Flats ACEC has a completely different management plan seperate from WEMO. Why is this trail being proposed in the first place through a critical riparian area the is home to cultural sites and sensitive species? If nothing else, the BLM must adhere to their own regulations and national laws. This trail needs to be closed immediatly to motorized vehicle use. Once again I would like to urge all concerned people to write the BLM and insist that the proposed J1299 be eliminated from consideration in the WEMO plan. The OHV intrests have plenty of room elsewhere to recreate.


Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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Re: Fair Public Hearings?

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