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Re: Cell Phone Coverage

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August 18, 2003 09:19PM
LaughingBear wrote:

> Cell phone reception depends upon the signal being able to
> connect with a repeater tower.


> The phones are handy in an emergency,

That's the point.

> but a major detraction to the wild and natural state
> of the area. Who wants to hear someone blabbing on the phone
> while soaking?

Nobody is talking about blabbing on the phone while soaking. Well, Ok, Jobe thinks he's going to find a wireless hot point at the springs. But the rest of us know better.

> Im thankful reception is non existant at the
> hotsprings.

I'm not. I've seen too many injuires.

> I find cellphones most useful for calling in sick
> at work before taking off on an adventure. It beats the fax
> machine for sure!

I prefer email for notifying work that I won't be there. Especially when I'm really sick and want to sleep in the morning rather than having to get up long enough to phone work.

Cell Phone Coverage

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