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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (89% of Full)


Thursday at the springs

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August 07, 2003 11:16PM
I followed somebody's advice on this forum and called in sick today to come to the springs. There were around 12 people including AZ Mike and Sycamore. We all had a nice time as the weather was not too hot.

The springs looked pretty clean thanks to AZ Mike's efforts. I did not see much trash at the springs but the trail was in a pretty bad shape.
I picked up some trash but more needs to be carried up. I saw a huge pile of beer cans and packaging. I picked up all glass bottles but had no more space in my backpack for cans and cardboard. If you wish to take some, you can find it when you climb up the first big hill on the way to Bowen ranch. Do not take the easy trail on the left but take the hill on the right. If you stay close to the edge on the right you can not miss it. Bring a double trash bag as it looks like somebody was trying to carry the trash out & the bag broke.

On the way to the springs I noticed some evil smell coming from the ground next to the trail. I decided to investigate but could only find some synthetic
cotton in the bushes. My poor brains always work so during my soak at the springs I realized that there was something or somebody buried where I saw the cotton material. I shared my findings with AZ Mike, so we stopped by to take another look on our way back. The smell definitely comes from the ground and the synthetic cotton was probably from a sleeping bag around dead body. I guess some wild animals tried to dig it up and tore off the sleeping bag. AZ Mike and I overheard a story from another hot springer about some sick dog that a couple of people had to carry out. Perhaps the dog died and got buried. Or may be that's a missing hiker? I am suspicious as the grave was way too large for any dog. I tried to hit the bottom with my stick and it looks like 2 feet deep.

We put more dirt and stones on top. I was going to come this Sunday with a shovel and dig it up but had 200 messages on my answering machine. Without me the whole place went mad and I have to work through the weekends.

If you are interested in where I saw the "grave", it's on the right side of the trail about 120 feet before you hit the wooden gate by the lower parking lot. I'm somewhat curious about what/who got buried in there, so if you can shed some light, please do.

Respect this place!


Thursday at the springs

Sam D. 884August 07, 2003 11:16PM

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