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Re: The CPS

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August 08, 2003 07:04AM
I have known Wizard for over a year and a half know. During that time I have had about a dozen or more opportunities to observe the interaction of both him and his wife with their children. Never have a seen any inappropiate behavior. Quite to the contrary, I have seen them act as two concerned and caring parents protecting these children. His wife would be the first to be all over Wizard if he wasn't.

While CPS is a valuable asset to society and unfortunatelly we have a need for them, they do have their own biases and will openly say when in doubt they will chose to err on the side protectect the children. This has resulted in spliting good families, assuming that the state can do a better job than the parents. Unfortunatelly, these stories get no coverage because the law requires all cases to be confidential, once again to protect the children. However, this confidenciality will also protect any injustice the sytem may commit by accident. There is no jury of peers, only a judge that works with the same social workers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys every day. Their one concern is to protect the children at any cost (some good families getting hurt). The burdon of proof is not "beyond reasonable doubt" but "preponderance of evidence" and evidence becomes whatever a social worker chooses to put in a their report. This is one agency that when Peter cries "Wolf" will come every time, and is likely to 'find' a "Wolf" every time. Why not, it guarantees their job's will never be affected by a recesion. This may be a conflict of interest but who cares when you are concerned in a greater good like protecting the children. This does not mean that there are not some great social workers in the system, but there are also some with their own agendas and histories of abuse, after all they come from the larger society like ourselves. This is one agency that we should not joke around with. Let's respect them and the reason for their existence by not raising any suspition unless you really have witnessed abuse and can testify toward it in a criminal court as well.

Now can we go back to the springs! LOL



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