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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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August 06, 2003 09:05PM
Laughing Bear mentioned in the previous thread that he read in my Naturism post that " I was in contact with the CPS ". What happened is, I called the CPS to talk to them about this situation of overlapping policies related to DCHS and its tradition of being a clothing optional setting, as accepted practice based on USFS Policy. I called the CPS, they didn't call me. I had nothing to hide, and I was in need of information to get a clearer picture of the actual truth of the various policies that could affect all of us who enjoy the clothing optional scene of DCHS. After this troubling situation last summer in running into the sheriffs rescue crew with my daughters, I called all the relevant agencies that I consider could impact the area around the springs, the sheriffs dept, BLM, CPS, Fish and Game dept, and the USFS ( Brad Burns specifically ). It had always been my understanding that the USFS had total controll of what policy would be implemented in thier area. That is not the case, as I found out. Each agencies has its own take on things, which I must say is not in line with what the USFS wants for DCHS. Also the various agencies can enforce thier particular laws, in other agencies territory, because they have varied overlap agreements. Brad Burns told me that they had never had anyone arrested for nudity by itself in the DCHS area and that my family would be safe to go to the springs, and that the USFS, and the Sheriffs that accompany the rangers to the springs, do not site people for being nude there, families included. Brad made one suggestion, that I dress before reaching any dirt roads so as not to chance running into another agency. Brad also said that I should call him if I ever ran into a similiar situation. I appears that the BLM, and the Sheriffs essentially do not bother the area around the Springs, even though both agencies said that they very surely could, if they wanted too. Both of these agencies have regular personel that oversee the DCHS area that are generally familiar with the DCHS clothing optional scene. The CPS however, operate by a very differant set of rules. Also the people with these agencies know nothing about the DCHS scene. It took me some time to explain to the lady I contacted at the closest ( Barstow ) CPS office, what DCHS was, and where it was. She knew nothing about it. I have heard very direct stories from some who have gone through a hellish experience with this agency. They operate in many ways without any of the constraints of the other agencies, without a person having the normal due process, assuming that the accused is wrong, such that the accused has to prove they are innocent. For some people, this agency has caused a total disruption of thier lives, all in the name of the saving the children from harm, but from what I have heard, this agency in certain cases, is like a buerocratic nightmare machine, out of control. So Laughing Bear, I consider any threat of the CPS involvement in my family situation to be a very serrious matter, and I therefore will react VERY strongly to anyone suggesting, or implying, that they may make a complaint, for no sincere reason. Laughing Bear, given your position, as a registered nurse, I would not expect you to not do your job to reasonably look out for the saftey of children in danger. I would hope you would realize that you are in a position of serrious responsibility in regards to this issue, the CPS is an organization that can cause grave difficulties when it involves itself with families, and this organization at times, makes a complete mess of things, for no good reason. Laughing Bear, I realize that part of your job, is to look after the saftey of children. You should realize also, that this power should not be used to make idle threats, even if it is meant as some kind of prank, or joke. For the parents, who truly love thier children, it is no joke. I am the proud parent of two precious girls, they, along with my wife, are the most important thing there is in my life. If thier well being is threatened, I naturally, will be greatly aroused, and guarded to protect them.


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