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Message from Jailed Medical Marijuana Activist

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August 02, 2003 02:30PM
San Bernardino narcotics officers ready fire aim on recipient of court ordered plant limits. Richard Channing runs the Genesis Health and Healing Center on the way to Deep Creek Hot Springs in the Wilderness above Apple Valley, CA. He vaporizes large doses of concentrated marijuana (Keif) before doing extended soaks in 46 degree F. and 114 Degree F. Water to cleanse his tissues at the cellular level.

He was deprived of his rights when he received a phone call from a San Bernardino narcotics sheriff, while in town shopping. He was deprived of his rights further when he heard that his lawful medicine for a year had just been yanked. Richard's first response was that the sheriff had just violated a court order. He further informed the officer that he had only grown 16 plants (two were small Amles) and the terms and conditions of his probation were for 40 flowering and none of the plants were flowering. He agreed to meet in town, where he was taken into custody for the charges of possession for sale and cultivation. He will be in custody 33 days until his August pre-preliminary hearing at Victorville, CA. He hopes to retain Attorney Bruce Margolin before this important hearing.

Please send your donation for his defense payable to:

And give these zero tolerance nazis a clear and powerful message. Please distribute.

>>This was provided to me by Richard Channing and he wanted it posted
>>on the forum. Richard Channing made a plea agreement with the San
>>Bernardino District Attorney's office and approved by a Judge of the
>>Superior Court. Within that plea agreement, Richard Channing was
>>given permission to grow 40 flowering plants. Richard Channing then
>>grows 16 plants that have not yet flowered. Then Richard is arrested for
>>possession for sale and cultivation. This case will be interesting. Maybe
>>Richard could get an attorney for this one. He is toast if he is
>>represented by the Public Defender's Office or a member of the conflict
>>panel. The case will go on for at least a year of hearings. And Richard
>>Channing does not have the legal ability to drive himself to these
>>hearings so his friends have to assist him in getting there.

>>Well, what do you think of this one. I will have to find the news article
>>that I have where Sheriff Penrod talks about his position on marijuana.
>>It's an amazing thought process. Sheriff Penrod is the top person in the
>>organization in case you don't know who he is.

Message from Jailed Medical Marijuana Activist

katrina island 929August 02, 2003 02:30PM

Sheriff's view on Medical Marijuana

katrina island 502August 03, 2003 01:39PM

Cop does a good deed

LaughingBear 554August 03, 2003 07:33PM

Re: Message from Jailed Medical Marijuana Activist

Rick 560August 03, 2003 09:45PM

Re: Message from Jailed Medical Marijuana Activist

Rick 518August 10, 2003 02:40PM

Re: Message from Jailed Medical Marijuana Activist

Rick 518October 07, 2003 09:30PM

Re: Message from Jailed Medical Marijuana Activist

Rick 930December 19, 2003 09:16PM

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