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victim or the crime?

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July 25, 2003 08:59PM
The last I heard, my neighbor was still being held in jail after the cops came and siezed his modest medical marijuana patch. This causes me to ask the questioon, who is the victim of this crime he has alegedly commited? Why is a non violent offender held in felony detention with murderers,armed robbers and car thieves? No guns were siezed in this raid as far as I know. What threat does this individual pose to our society? Is this man the victim or the criminal?

Im not a pot smoker but I do believe in the medical value of marijuana. It helps increase the appetite of chemotherapy patients, it helps relieve the generalized discomfort associated with many chronic diseases, and the voters of the State approved a referendum on the ballot allowing its cultivation and use for medical purposes. Growing your own takes the $$$ away from the drug cartels who murder to protect their illicit business.

Having known this individual for many years I can honestly say I have never seen him armed with a gun or have ever heard a gunshot coming from his residence. The dude is into agriculture and has given me tips on growing fruit trees and constructing irrigation systems. Pretty peaceful stuff and it really bothers me that he is still locked up. We can all help him by sending some positive energy his way. Its got to be really messed up where he is being held in jail. For what? Growing a few pot plants.

victim or the crime?

LaughingBear 796July 25, 2003 08:59PM

Re: victim or the crime?

Wizard 505July 25, 2003 10:56PM

Re: victim or the crime?

sycamorelaughing 501July 26, 2003 04:41AM

Re: victim or the crime?

katrina island 944July 27, 2003 11:48AM

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