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Re: The News

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July 21, 2003 11:14AM
Arizona Mike,
We all know you are obstinate. You could care less what anyone thinks. THAT is what obstinate means.
Once again you have misconstrued the message.
1- Laughing Bear is gone , he will not be answering any time soon.He is in Mexico, get it ? 2- Gary does not get in trouble. He is another of the many victims of Mike Casto.

Why are you avoiding any answer on my last post ?
1- you were, by your own admission, at the ranch that night.
2- you wish to avoid admitting any knowledge of a crime.
3- you do not wish to aknowledge your satanic connection.That is your right.

New question ? How many friends have you lost by saing they are wrong. Oh, never mind I AM SURE YOU HAVE LOST COUNT.
Or can not count that far.
I offered to give you knowledge on how to make friends. You have rejected my offer, Saying " keep your book. "
There is a passage in Proverbs that says "Anyone who rejects knowledge is a fool."
"Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom."
You obviously have none.
Peace :~)

The News

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