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Picnic at San Onofre

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July 16, 2003 07:45AM
Paul P. has emailed me and suggested that I put out a report regarding last Saturday's picnic at San Onofre, so here it goes.

The picnic was a sucess. It was attended by a group from Black's Beach Bares, Friends of San Onofre, Naturally California, Camping Bares and myself from DCV. The Balcks Beach team was down by 8:30 and Allen from FOSO and I arrived around 9:00. Shorthly after we set up all our stuff we found and I caught the largest gopher snake I had ever seen. It was over five feet long and about four inches in diametre. After taking a series of photos we then released it back to freedom.

The marine layer cleared out around 10:00 a.m. and it was a beautiful day. Shortly after noon Kevin and the Blacks Beach team started their grilled and we cooked a variety of vegetables, hot dogs and steak that we shared amongst those participating and some of the other folks around us. After the BBQ, Lloyd from Blacks Beach cranked up his icecream maker and made two or three batches of ice cream that was very sucessful especially with the kids.

During the day Lloyd and I went for a couple of long swims way beyond the surfers and brakers. Lloyd went free diving and found a few sans dollars. The second time we brought one back to share, but as we wer showing it to a couple of kids we dropped it just as the surf came in and it quickly vanished back into the sea.

Most people left around four, but the weather was still great so some of us stayed there till about six and got to see a group of three dolphins that swam past and started going back and forth just in front of us. In short we all enjoyed a very sucessful day at San Onofre Beach.

We did discuss with some of the other groups to try and get more integration between groups in Southern California and suggested that each Site Protection Group could organize an event once a year where they host the other groups and the non-landed clubs. It was suggested that DCV could host one at DCHS in the spring of 2004. Just and idea for us to consider.

Take care all and thanks for the suggestion Paul P.

Picnic at San Onofre

Ron 972July 16, 2003 07:45AM

Re: Picnic at San Onofre

Paul P. 921July 16, 2003 12:43PM

Re: Picnic at San Onofre

sycamorelaughing 1052July 16, 2003 02:22PM

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