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The "ugly truth" about Laughingbear

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July 02, 2003 02:51PM
The following summary includes excerpts from Laughingbear's posts on the forum. What we can gather from this selection is that Laughingbear lived on the mountain for many years until he left the area in 1987. While he lived on the mountain during that period of time his associates included Gary Krower and a guy named Franco. Laughingbear hasn't talked about Franco at all. What we can gather about Gary Krower is that he was a drug addict and a very evil and violent man who ran the Bowen Ranch. We know that Gary Krower almost killed a man and Laughingbear witnessed that act. Franco was another violent person with a felony record. These were Laughingbear's associates along with Cote, who was a mutual friend and actually a man of peace. We can say that Gary Krower was Laughingbear's friend because friends share things such as horses and motorcycles.

Laughingbear said, "Yes...I remember Gary the Growler well. He was somewhat lacking in social grace as I recall. I never had a problem with him over the years though. He would loan me a horse once in a while and I would loan him my motorcycle. I would hang out over at the Bowen Ranch with Cote when Gary would split. We had fun and nobody was forced to pay. Most people wanted to party a little and that was OK in my book. Whenever Gary would show back up, I would go find something else to do as he wasnt much fun to hang out with. Cote would give him a few bucks and he would split too. I was more interested in drinking like a dog and chasing cats!"

Now during this period of time, there was "the water wars" and the "alleged" feud between the Bowen Ranch and Moss Mill. Why do you think there would have been a feud between the Bowen Ranch and Moss Mill? Could it be that Gary Krower was not the type of neighbor anyone would want to have? Then take into consideration the money issue involving the tollroad over at the Bowen Ranch. Could it be the same issue we have today? William at Moss Mill had an access road which lead to the hotsprings and where there was no collection of tolls. William legally could not charge any tolls nor would he ever try to collect any tolls. However, many of the hotspringing public would use this road to access the hotsprings. Many times people would gather at Moss Mill hoping that their group would provide them with a measure of safety for their cars and while hiking to and from the springs. They felt safe there and access the hotsprings together because of the very real violent threat over at the Bowen Ranch. William has consistently through the years advised the members of the public that they do have the right to access their public lands without paying a toll. William had obtained permanent injunctions in 1981 and 1988 through court process against Gary Krower during this period of time.

Laughingbear said, "Which beating are you refering to Katrina, I am aware of several. Gary was "Un hombre malo". The one I witnessed was on Bowen Ranch road near my place. I never said this beating was justified. I do recall helping a drunk man who wound up on the wrong end of Gary's baseball bat. Hey now Katrina...my intent wasnt to diminish Gary the Growler's actions. Under all of his violent anger issues was a scared and lonely man. He died as a result of drug addiction. The Growler kicked th bucket years ago from a bad heart so I guess you will have to catch him in hell if you want to collect. Some of your old compadres are still alive and doing quite well however."

Do you think that Laughingbear's drug crazed friend Gary Krower was justified in his violence against William because of a free rough road or the fact that he would advise people that they have a right to public access? William was never a threat to a legitimate business. Gary Krower had a bulldozer which he could have used to create a smooth road all the way to the trailhead which members of the public may have preferred to use and even pay money for the use of that smoother road.

Gary Krower hated William and constantly threatened to kill him even taking a contract out on his life. Gary Krower associated with members of the Vato Motorcycle Gang who were drug manufacturers and distributors in San Bernardino County. Members of this motorcycle gang even held a party one time at the Moss Mill Office to destroy the place and intimidate William. This party was prior to William actually taking possession of Moss Mill and they were encouraged to destroy the building. Laughingbear's friend Gary Krower was certified to receive methadone, now you know that means that he was determined by a public agency to be addicted to heroin. Heroin is a very serious drug. So, we had serious hard drugs over at the Bowen Ranch. From another source (independent of William) I heard about Gary Krower manufacturing methamphetamine over at the Bowen Ranch. Gary Krower supplemented his income at the Bowen Ranch tollroad through the sale of hard drugs. Gary Krower was caught as the passenger in a car by Sheriff Deputies with packaged drugs, a price list and cash of matching amounts. Gary Krower was facing criminal charges for possession and sales of methamphetamine. However, Gary Krower was able to cleverly disguise the price list and money as related to selling gold believe it or not and was found not guilty. The owner of the car took the rap for the drugs.

What I need to show here is who had the drugs and the money. It was over at the Bowen Ranch. As Laughingbear likes to point out, William did not have any money. So, does it make sense that William was involved heavily in drugs? No, it takes money to obtain drugs.

Gary Krower at the Bowen Ranch was able to clearly view Moss Mill and anyone accessing on Moss Mill Road. Gary Krower would harass Moss Mill with intermittent gunfire striking the surrounding area. Anyone approaching or leaving Moss Mill was subject to being stopped, threatened and/or beaten. There was an incident where Gary Krower was arrested for kidnapping and spent a short period of time in jail and then was on probation. I have this news article and will post it. While Gary Krower was on probation, he came down to the springs after Gary Roe. Gary Roe was soaking in the hotsprings when Gary Krower stood above him and slammed his head with his hiking staff dizzying Gary Roe and drawing blood. Then Gary Krower jumped directly down onto Gary Roe and they fought. Gary Roe was fighting for his life and barely made it out of there naked and bloodied. Gary Roe and William went to the sheriff's office, Gary Krower's probation officer and the hospital. The sheriff's said, "we're just going to say that you had a mutual fight with Gary Krower today".

Laughingbear said, "Must be the spirit of the Growler again. Lets all bury this evil and get on with some good vibes for a change. The spirit of Gary the Growler infects this website as its primary purpose seems to be the continuation of a long running fued involving Katrina's domestic partner."

It was difficult for William to conduct any mining business at Moss Mill due to the constant threat of violence by the residents at the Bowen Ranch. At the time, the price of gold was high and there were small miners who would need to have their gold milled. No one carrying gold for milling would take that risk. William was constantly armed during this period of time. He had to be in order to stay alive. Gary Krower was heavily armed which included a 30-carbine (World War II assault weapon), AK 47's, high-powered rifles and always carried a 45 colt long. Gary Krower did his own reloading of his ammunition. William did create his place with security in mind and built areas that would deflect the harassment gunfire. However, William has never expressed any aggressive verbal threat toward anyone and I allege that Laughingbear is not being truthful when he said that William had said "that he was going to blow Gary Krower away".

Laughingbear says, " I remember the valley when there were none and bought land there. It was really fun in the early years. I do care about the whole area very much as it has been a part of my life for 30 years. I was there and I saw with my own eyes the insanity of that time. Well.....I hung out in that commune back in the 70s and it was fun! I am the witness "katrina". I have been around the area long enough to know the whole truth about the old Moss Ranch. Over the years I witnessed the fact that 'Moss Mill' was an armed encampment ripe with a lot of drug activity."

Now what do we know about Laughingbear during this period of time based on his own words. Laughingbear was at the very least an alcoholic and partying (what that entails exactly) was fine with him. There is evidence that Laughingbear was a "violent" drunk. Laughingbear was known to hang around the Bowen Ranch and there was this "alleged" feud going on. Laughingbear was an associate of the Bowen Ranch side of the feud. He didn't hang out at Moss Mill. He may have gone through a few times to drop people off who didn't want to access through the Bowen Ranch. Laughingbear wasn't a regular at Moss Mill. So, how can he say that he witnessed heavy drug use over at Moss Mill and where was the money to fund heavy drug use over at Moss Mill? The truth was that there wasn't heavy drug use over at Moss Mill.

Then Laughingbear left the area in 1987 after this violent confrontation over water occurred at the Village. What and who started this violent confrontation over water? You realize that Laughingbear refers to this as the "water wars". This struggle over water involved whole factions of the community one against the other. Franco was on Laughingbear's side in the conflict. The "water wars" was initiated by Laughingbear allegedly discovering that the water belonged to everyone because it was on public lands and he has alleged that someone was depriving others in the Village of this water. Is this really what happened? Was someone depriving others of their necessary water? Or was this community peacefully co-existing and sharing the water until Laughingbear along with Franco initiated and fueled this dispute. We do know that Laughingbear drew first blood in the end and had to leave due to the violent threat to his life.

Laughingbear said, " Don approached him. Words were exchanged and knives appeared in the hands of both parties. While Don was ranting, the local drew first blood with a cut above the eye. I left in 1987 during the water war to travell with the Grateful Dead. I left because of continued threats against my life. Don continued to threaten my life and I decided to move to a more peaceful place in Morro Bay."

We do know that Laughingbear started a new life and received help with his alcoholism and anger. Did he truly receive sufficient help with his past problems to be fully rehabilitated? Maybe his past is being brought to the surface now upon his return to the mountain. Maybe his judgement of the current situation is being clouded by his experience of the past. I had heard about Laughingbear and had hoped that he had been truly rehabilitated. I have my doubts at this point. Did Laughingbear receive psychological counseling for his issues? He said no, he should have. I wasn't going to bring up this ugly past because it really is ugly. I wasn't going to bring up this ugly past because it really is "the ugly truth". Laughingbear I truly did hope that you had been rehabilitated and had started a new life. I do believe it is possible that people can change.

Laughingbear said, "I have never sought psyciatric treatment Katrina, but it is true that I stopped drinking with some help from a recovery group. I have sought help in the past for problems in my life and as a result was able to let go of a lot of anger."

However, the issues that we are discussing today are of serious concern to the safety of the public in the area and your current comments on this forum are falsely reassuring the public while distracting from the very real violent threat that currently exists at the Bowen Ranch. Please reevaluate your role in this current situation, think about the well being of your fellow man and think about all those documents and declarations that were on the DCHS website. They were accurate and would stand up in a court of law. That is where Katrina will be taking these issues in the very near future.

The "ugly truth" about Laughingbear

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Re: The "ugly truth" about Laughingbear

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This is How Laughingbear Remembers

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Pope Don gives Laughing Bear free water

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Is Laughingbear manipulating you?

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Re: Real Truth

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