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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Woohoo, I made it to the springs!!

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June 29, 2003 12:53PM
I took the Bradford Ridge Trail from 173 to the PCT to the springs. Thanks to all who gave me directions as they were very accurate and I had no problem finding my way. It was definetly a workout coming back out though. I walked the first 20 minutes up the canyon and then ran the next 30 back to 173.

I must admit I felt a little awkward exploring the springs, trying to find where all the pools were, with naked people soaking and meandering around. I got there pretty early Sunday morning and was surprised to see that many people out there already. There was one guy who definetly looked like a regular with his long gray hair and beard. I did find a vacant hot pool and I figured when in rome do as the romans do. Good thing I brought my sunscreen! : ) Perhaps next time I make it out there I'll get up the courage to talk to a few of the regulars - just felt a bit awkward going up to naked strangers I guess.

I do have a question though. The Bradford Ridge Trail connects to the PCT on the south side of the river, correct? What is the trail called that goes along the north side of the river out to the damn? Is this also called the PCT? And if you come in from Bowen Ranch where exactly do you come in at? I noticed a trail heading out up a hill from the north east side of the springs. Does this head out to Bowen Ranch?

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Woohoo, I made it to the springs!!

swimbikerun 996June 29, 2003 12:53PM

Re: Woohoo, I made it to the springs!!

jobe 611June 29, 2003 02:51PM

Re: Woohoo, I made it to the springs!!

Rick 588June 29, 2003 04:18PM

Re: Woohoo, I made it to the springs!!

jobe 1076June 30, 2003 01:47PM

Re: Woohoo, I made it to the springs!!

sycamorelaughing 569June 29, 2003 05:06PM

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