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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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I Care About DCHS

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June 28, 2003 12:24PM
The issue of Mike Castro's violence against the American public in the Deep Creek area is no laughing matter. Many different people have been permanently affected by Mike Castro's threats and actual violence. He has left a trail of victims who have been traumatized by him.

Those four young people confronted on the road with Mike Castro and another individual jumping out with guns, threatening to put a bullet in each one of their brains and actually firing his gun several times, permanently affected those young people psychologically.

Then there was the time when Mike Castro confronted the group of hunters (some of those hunters were young teenagers) and held his gun on one of them, a Mexican standoff. Those people were permanently affected psychologically especially the young men.

Then there were the two guys at El Mirage who were beaten so badly that they almost died. There was permanent brain damage and broken bones. They will never be the same.

There was the couple and their two young children who were chased in their vehicle by Mike Castro on his motorcycle. Mike Castro pointed his gun at them and threatened them. Then there was another couple with young children who Mike Castro threatened with a gun until he found out the husband was an attorney. Then there was the "Playboy" bunny and her male companion who were threatened by Mike Castro with a gun.

There is Gary Roe who really needs to go to the hotsprings. He has to face lethal threat to get to the hotsprings. He was chased on motorcycles, caused to crash, broke his thumb, chased by Mike Castro armed with a gun. Mike Castro even confessed to chasing Gary Roe on motorcycles and having his gun with him. Then Mike Castro firing a high powered rifle in his direction, numerous shots.

Then there was the Russian couple who wrote about Mike Castro and his gun and that Mike Castro is crazy, look out for that guy.

Then there is Ronnie Bates whose death is still a mystery because Mike Castro failed to turn in his abandoned car to the authorities for over three months. During that time, Ronnie's body was ravaged by the elements delaying its discovery for 1 1/2 years. Mike Castro actively suppressed the reporting of Ronnie's car by anyone else. The reporting of the car came only after his associates were seeking the reward from the Widow Bates.

Then there is the guy who rode through the Bowen Ranch on his motorcycle. Mike Castro shot over his head scaring the guy so bad that he abandoned his motorcycle.

These are only some of Mike Castro's numerous victims of his violence.

I care about these people and I care that Deep Creek Hotsprings is afflicted by Mike Castro's violent nature. It is because of this that I will pursue my path to gaining possession of the Bowen Ranch as a peaceful means to remove this malignant threat. The Bowen Ranch should benefit the visitors of Deep Creek Hotsprings not prey upon them for money.

In the meantime, there will be detractors who will say many things for many reasons. I can only speculate as to their motivations for doing so. However, I will seek those who truly care about the hotsprings, its future and the people who visit the place to take the time to find out for themselves about these issues. There are hundreds of documents in sheriff's reports, witness declarations, letters from government agencies, photographs, etc. documenting Mike Castro's violence and questionable relationships with the responsible agencies. There are numerous victims to talk to when they visit the hotsprings. There is Mike Castro himself at the Bowen Ranch. However, asking Mike Castro personally may be hazardous. I encourage people to cautiously conduct their own independent investigation into these serious concerns.

I Care About DCHS

katrina island 976June 28, 2003 12:24PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 575June 28, 2003 08:56PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

Gary 573June 28, 2003 10:41PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

sycamorelaughing 575June 29, 2003 08:40AM

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

katrina island 668June 29, 2003 02:15PM

Re: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

jobe 532June 29, 2003 03:08PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 555June 30, 2003 09:15AM

Re: I Care About DCHS

katrina island 538June 30, 2003 12:17PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 519June 30, 2003 01:56PM

LaughingBear you said: take your best shot.

katrina island 550June 30, 2003 04:44PM

Re: LaughingBear you said: take your best shot.

jobe 595June 30, 2003 05:10PM

Re: LaughingBear you said: take your best shot.

katrina island 554June 30, 2003 07:34PM

Jobe you make no sense on this one

katrina island 594June 30, 2003 07:56PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 596June 30, 2003 02:07PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 518June 30, 2003 08:30PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

katrina island 610July 01, 2003 08:02AM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 600July 01, 2003 10:26PM

Re: I Care About DCHS

Wizard 551July 02, 2003 08:29AM

Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 529July 02, 2003 09:59AM

Re: I Care About DCHS

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Re: I Care About DCHS

LaughingBear 970July 02, 2003 07:14PM

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