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Re: DC Volunteers

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April 18, 2003 09:07AM

Sorry for any impression of being impatient. I was just curious as to who specifically might be monitoring the volunteer's e-mail, and if that was the right way to contact for my logo ideas. No pressure or "digs" were intended.

As far as the original post on the 1st regarding ideas for a logo... like you guys, I work as well, and am involved with other activities after hours. So it does take some time for ideas to turn into reality, especially when you have to acquire (and learn) new software to do what you want to do with those ideas.

Anyway, I'm chillin' as you recommend. After seeing some of the contentious threads appearing lately in the forum, I guess we all could use some chillin out.

I hope you got the sample stuff I sent to the volunteer e-mail address okay. I'm having some trouble with large file sizes of logos finalized using Powerpoint, then degraded resolution when I convert original work to JPGs for e-mailing. It will be a busy Easter weekend, but I'm planning to send some variations of the logo to you early next week.

Your monthly meeting is on the 26th, isn't it?

Best Wishes to all,



DC Volunteers

Gary 903April 16, 2003 07:54AM

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Wizard 1015April 19, 2003 10:06PM

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