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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Maybe you just wanted an opinion

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March 22, 2003 04:06PM
I think this is such a "wild" idea that Mike Castro may be a "confidential informant" that it is needed to establish that we have someone in the area who is a "confidential source" to law enforcement.

I will post a series of quotations from various letters written by these public agencies that would shed light on why I say this "wild" idea. I have come to believe that in San Bernardino County "confidential informants" are also utilized to accomplish goals outside of lawful means. I have evidence to support these allegations.

Mike Castro is there to accomplish a purpose for the Bureau of Land Management. What could that be? What does the Bureau of Land Management plan for the area. What is Mike Castro doing for this agency that is of great value to them.

Why does Mike Castro put such energy in his tasks of patrolling and blocking Moss Mill Road. I invite you to go take a look at Moss Mill Road and think about the energy needed to get all that bulldozing, rock blockade, junk cars, deadfall traps, confrontations, done. What was the reward for Mike Castro? Increased people directed toward Bowen Ranch for payment of the toll fee? Control of traffic into the area for monitoring? or is it accomplishing something for the BLM?

BLM Wish list? Expand and gain complete control over Juniper Flats ACEC (don't tell the people who care about Deep Creek because they have a right to comment). Utilize Mike Castro's actions to justify the need for complete control over Juniper Flats ACEC. They said the reasons for the plan was to reduce "conflict" over access issues (Moss Mill Road and Mike Castro), the motocross race held by Mike Castro, concern about route proliferation expressed by "local landowner". Create a central parking lot (central from the San Bernardino National Forest boundary to Tussing Ranch Road, where the railroad tracks are).

The BLM and Mike Castro created conflict over access, misrepresented the truth about Moss Mill Road creating the conflict, created division over this issue, had full and complete knowledge of the violent conflicts created by the public access issue. Mike Castro held 10-15 commercial rave parties in the 1993-1995 period, large parties by professionals. These parties increased the population of people going to the hotsprings and changed the demographics to people who enjoy rave parties.

The BLM allowed the violent criminal acts to go unpunished, obstructed justice, allowed witness intimidation, allowed numerous violent crimes to continue and used the conflict to suggest new management plans, concealed the plans from the people who enjoy deep creek, do exactly as they want because we have been distracted by these other issues.

So, I think that a confidential informant does not just mean solely supplying law enforcement with valuable tips. A confidential informant can be someone who is accomplishing a goal for law enforcement.

Think back to your experiences with BLM employees, do you think they appreciate Deep Creek's uniqueness in its custom of being clothing optional?


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