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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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PC197 and the water war

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March 12, 2003 04:59PM
The village had an episode where this law has been applied as well. In the late 70's and early 80's,all of the property owners there got their water from the spring there. This all changed when "Pope" Don Whittington purchased the lot where the water tank was located. He claimed wrongfully that the water was all his and cut everyone off the supply. There were many families with small children there at the time who were forced to haul water from town to meet their needs.
One resourseful resident did some research and discovered that the spring was on BLM land and water rights were assigned by the state. When Don was informed of this he became hostile and full of rage,ranting to everyone he saw. One day,the local who had challenged him about the water, was walking to a neighbors house. Don popped out from behind a juniper and proceded to threaten a violence with a gun while pretending to have one in his pocket. The local immediatly went to town and contacted the sherrif's office.
He was told to avoid contact if possible but,if his life was ever in danger to do whatever it took to defend himself. The cops never came up to investigate. Don continued to harrass the local by walking along the road next to his property yelling obseneties and threats. One day,the local was working on his truck at the bottom of his driveway. Don approached him.Words were exchanged and knives appeared in the hands of both parties. While Don was ranting,the local drew first blood with a cut above the eye. Don ran away to town and reported the incedent to the sherrif. He was immediatly arrested! The local waited and waited for the cops to come and arrest him too,but they never came!

PC197 and the water war

LaughingBear 931March 12, 2003 04:59PM

LaughingBear is "the local drew first blood"

katrina island 638March 13, 2003 01:10AM

Violence is not the answer

katrina island 543March 13, 2003 03:13AM

Re: PC197 and the water war

LaughingBear 577March 13, 2003 06:29AM

How is Hotspringer Roe to "avoid contact with" Castro?

katrina island 874March 13, 2003 11:30AM

Re: PC197 and the water war

LaughingBear 631March 15, 2003 08:32AM

Re: PC197 and the water war

Wizard 575March 15, 2003 09:38AM

No Great Solution

katrina island 630March 15, 2003 12:29PM

Re: PC197 and the water war

LaughingBear 546March 16, 2003 03:41PM

Re: PC197 and the water war

LaughingBear 973March 16, 2003 05:57PM

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