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Coyote is confidential informant that tried to get away with murder

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March 13, 2003 01:46AM
In this particular incident, there were numerous witnesses to the incident that occurred on the road. The story is that Coyote was trying to run people off the mountain. Richard had been warned the day before this incident to get off the mountain. However, Richard had permission of the owner to reside on the land and was not going to be run off that easily. Richard's nickname was "digger" because he was building a "dugout" type of shelter.

Anyway, the day of this incident Digger was driving down the road with Donna Kat taking her to Victor Valley College night classes. Coyote knew that Digger would be driving Donna Kat to her classes. Coyote was there waiting with two other people and were parked by the side of the road at the top of sand hill. One of the other people was a retired law enforcement officer. Coyote signaled for Digger to stop and talk to him.

Digger stopped and rolled down his window to talk with Coyote. Coyote tried to order Digger off the mountain. Digger said I'm not going. Coyote suddenly punched Digger in the side of the head. Digger reached down and pulled his gun on Coyote and said "that's assault, you're going to jail". Coyote puts his hand in his jacket pocket where he had a large metal bolt clanked it against the door to simulate the sound that a gun barrel would make and said "Let's both take a fall".

Donna Kat sitting on the other side of Digger realizes her immediate danger so she opens the door and says "I'm getting out of here". Digger is momentarily distracted and glances at Donna Kat. Coyote dives through the truck window with hard hitting body block and grabs the top of Digger's gun. When Coyote does that the hammer falls on Coyote's thumb stopping the gun from firing. Digger says "you bought it". Digger uses all of his strength to yank the gun back and fires into Coyote's gut.

Coyote climbs out of the window and walks over to his car and sits down in and says "I have to go the the hospital" to his friends. Coyote's friends take him to the hospital and Digger turns himself in to law enforcement. It was the aggressive violent actions of Coyote and the several witnesses to the incident that resulted in no charges being filed against Digger.

Digger didn't leave the mountain, Coyote did. Coyote eventually did murder someone.

Here is where the BLM looked the other way while Coyote violently drove off people and destroyed their properties. The BLM couldn't legally destroy these buildings so they allowed Coyote to accomplish their goals through illegal means. "Informant" Coyote dropped dimes on his neighbors.

The moral of the story is that violent informants don't work. They run amok, become emboldened and eventually try to get away with murder.

Coyote and Richard

LaughingBear 939March 12, 2003 09:24AM

Coyote is confidential informant that tried to get away with murder

katrina island 686March 13, 2003 01:46AM

Re: Coyote and Richard

LaughingBear 963March 13, 2003 06:19AM

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