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Coyote and Richard

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March 12, 2003 09:24AM
Back in 80's,there was a local incident involving two hombres. Coyote was an individual who saw himself as "king of the hill".He was living at the old Doc Wood's mining claim up in Arrasta Canyon. In the beginning,there were others who lived nearby in old cabins but Coyote didnt like this. His trip was to be a real a**hole until those peace loving hippies would move. He would then tear their house down! First went the Green Tin Shack,then the Eagle's Nest. Finally,he dropped a dime on the peace lovin residents of the old Welcome Ranch. After the cops came and arrested everyone...you guessed it....down came the welcome ranch. As you can imagine,he was really popular.He also fancied himself as a man handy with a gun.
One day,there was an encounter with another local named Richard on the road. Words were exchanged and Coyote placed a metal object against the door of Richard's truck. Evidently,a threat was uttered by Coyote,who was standing outside the vehicle. Richard pulled his pistol. Coyote tried to grab it. Richard shot Coyote in the guts. Well...as you can imagine,this was a big hoooha and the cops came and arrested Richard. Coyote survived after an emergency surgery and the result was......Richard was released on an interpetation of PC197 and no charges were filed. Coyote was armed with a metal bolt.
Coyote eventualy moved to Johnson Valley where I heard he murdered somebody. He went to prison for a while but rumor has it that he is out now. I havnt seen Richard at all in many years but this local story lives on. Coyote's real name is I believe Alan Broadnax.

Coyote and Richard

LaughingBear 772March 12, 2003 09:24AM

Coyote is confidential informant that tried to get away with murder

katrina island 494March 13, 2003 01:46AM

Re: Coyote and Richard

LaughingBear 809March 13, 2003 06:19AM

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